Jester – Black/white Huskies

Here are photos of our Black/white Huskies, Jester. You can see photos of him when he was a few days old to the most recent pics. We hope you guys enjoy these cute puppy pictures.

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More Info:

We fell in love with this incredible Husky. With that being said, our busy lives and our kid’s allergies were our biggest concerns (during his blow out season my kids allergies got worse). We are a busy, busy family: 1 kid in travel volleyball, and 2 others in travel baseball. This consumes our weekends for 3/4 of our year. With that being said we felt bad for Jester being home alone every weekend. He is a dog who loves attention. If you don’t give it to him, he will find something to get your attention (usually barking/ howling). He is a family dog, he usually sat our feet while doing homework/zoom meetings. He is very playful! He loves playing fetch, as the boys played baseball in the yard 9 times out of 10, he would go get the ball after they hit it. He’s not too much into tug-a-war but if you have him tied up, he will eat through what ever you have him tied too. (we had him tied to a neighbor’s porch during a cook out and in a matter of minutes he chewed through the leash we had him tied too). He loves FOOD!!! He will do anything for food. And he can jump! We would put food up to 7 feet in the air and he was able to jump and get it, so your counters are not safe (LOL). He spent 90% of his time outside of his cage. He only went in there at night to sleep, or if the boys got in trouble and got yelled at and he would go into his cage like he got fussed at too. He’s a great dog, and I would only want a great family to take care of him. It was a sad day, for myself not to cry in front of my kids because he was leaving. He was always excited to see me when I came home, He would howl softly and get louder (like he is trying to talk to you) until I greeted him. He knows his name and he knows stay, sit and come. If you lay food out for him and say “stay” he will not go and get his food until you say “go” or “come”. If you give him a treat, ask him to
“sit” and he will sit and give you his paw, make sure you tell him he’s a good boy. I could go on and on about him and how bad I would want him back but, it’s only fair to him to have a family that will take care of him 100% unlike we could do. – Former family.

Training: House trained, crate trained, does not jump on us, sit, stay, go, and come.


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