What is the process to obtain one of Husky Palace’s puppies?

  1. Fill out the questionnaire.
  2. Be approved
  3. Adopt the baby :)

It may look simple but we do not approve any family. We tend to not approve over 200 families a year. Therefore take the time to type in all the information asked in the questionnaire. It is recommend to not leave a question blank.

The questionnaire is a one time thing. Therefore if you are not approve your family can not reapply. Once again, do not leave anything out.

Where are the questionnaires located?

You may click here for the Siberian Husky questionnaire.

You may click here for the Doberman Pinscher questionnaire. 

Purchase a Puppy

What are some reasons families are not approved?

  • The potential family wants breeding: Everywhere on the site, it states our babies are strictly pet only. Which means no breeding is allowed. As mentioned in the legal agreement and AKC papers. You will need to ask the breeder if they offer breeding rights. Some do. Those who do will charge an extra fee. Ranging from $200 to double the price (the better the quality of the bloodlines the closer it will be to double the price).
  • Rude: I am sorry. We are not going to be dealing with a rude person for 10+ years. When we approve a family, we are welcoming them to the Husky Palace pack. Therefore if you are going to be rude before (even during the process) I will be not approve your family.
  • Other reasons: The rest of the reasons I can not mention. Since I have families who have lied on the questionnaire. Therefore I only mention the above two reasons.  If you are not approve, I will inform you the reason(s) why.

Why do Husky Palace have requirements?

  • Decreases the chance the baby will be returned to us. We love our babies and truly believe the breeder is responsible to ensure they go to forever homes.
  • We want the best homes for our babies. 

How should I inquire about a puppy?

Please inform us which breed you are referring to. We, often, receive messages that simply say – “How much are black males running?”I am not sure if you are referring to the Huskies or Dobermans. Please provide the puppy’s name if you asking specific questions to an individual puppy.