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Husky Palace has 155 5-star reviews! We have been recognized as best breeders over 20 times.

Hazel turns 4!

Today our amazing Hazel Gray turned 4! We adopted her during Covid for our twin’s 14 birthday, and she has been absolutely wonderful every single day. She has the best temperament, so loving to all dogs and humans. We opened an interactive doggy day care a year ago, and she is the leader! I cannot count the compliments she receives due to her demeanor and beauty. She is absolutely gorgeous. If you can’t tell, Hazel is loved and adored. Happy birthday to all the dogs from her liter, and thank you to The Husky Palace!

Bradford Family

Cary NC 27519

Perfect companion

Husky Palace breeds some of the best Huskies in the country.
We have had several through the years, and our Maya Zamaya has been the best pup so far!! She is the most husky dog we have had.
Not to knock any of the others we have had, but she loves all things I would expect from a husky!!
Loves the snow. Loves the water. Loves to run. Loves to pull. (Skijoring and bikejoring)
She has been fully off-lead trained and had a great temperament for training too. We can let her outside on her own for potty and she has learned to go potty and come back in if we are not going for a walk too. (Without supervision apparent to her even tho we are watching)
She is fluffy from head to tail. She is brown eyed.
She goes to work with me at least once a week and clients L-O-V-E her.
All of our huskies have come from a different bred Eder and I would go back to Husky Palace in a heartbeat when the time comes for a new addition to our family!!

Kiogima Family

Harbor Springs Michigan 49740

Husky Palace

Our husky Foxy in now a year old and is a super pet. The folks at Husky Palace are great to work with and raise healthy and good natured dogs. This is a testimonial to the love and caring they provide as breeders. I highly recommend them. Special thanks to Italy for all her help, advice and attention.

Pratesi family

Pisgah forest NC 28768
Stella's Review

Our family is complete!

To this day my husband and I talk about how lucky we are about getting our girl! The Breeder communicated so well and kept us updated on our sweet girl with photos and updates up until she was ready to be picked up. She has added so much joy to our lives we could not be happier !💕

Reeves Family

Camp Lejeune, NC 28547

Wonderful dog

3 years ago we rescued a husky from someone else…. We recently decided to add another adult husky to the mix. After looking around I found husky palace. Italy asked questions about our current alpha husky to help pick an adult that would get along her. The one we picked is such a loving, sweet, well behaved/trained dog. We have had her for a month already, it seems longer with how well she fits in. You can tell they put alot of time training their dogs. We will definitely get another dog from them in the future.

Jilianne Crawford

Enoree SC 29335
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2nd husky from husky palace

This is our 2nd adult husky from husky palace. Liv is as lovable and well trained as our 1st dog. They really take the time to train and know their dogs. Both dogs we have gotten, have warmed right up to their new alpha dog just fine. We will definitely get more dogs from them in the future when we are ready to make our pack larger.

Crawford Family

Enoree, SC 29335
Doberman Palace reviews Ginger

Clear from 150+ health issues

Thank you Huskypalace/Dobermanpalace for the most adorable baby girl in the history of humanity. She is our joy!. Gorgeous girl. 100% healthy and clear from 150+ health issues typical in Dobes. She is SO SMART and SWEET and full of personality. A total sovereign of our home. Got us wrapped around her “little” paw. Italy is super professional and loving breeder. You want your baby to come from a place of love, health and great quality not life. Let me tell you HERE it is. We couldn’t be more thankful.Love xoxo

Terziyski Family

Savannah, GA

2 Beautiful Huskies From Husky Palace

Adopted Titan in 2020 from Husky Palace. They were a pleasure to deal with, providing updates and pictures along the way. In 2021 decided that Titan needed a friend and decided to adopt Rhea. I will not go anywhere else if looking for Huskies in the future. From the amount of care and communication they show from start, ( they still reach out from time to time today) it shows that they are high class breeders. I highly recommend Husky Palace

Sagan Family!

Asheville, NC 28806

We found her best friend

It has been such a great experience having Thor join our family. We picked him up Jan 12, 2021 and it has been an adventure ever since. Thor and my daughter are inseparable and she calls him her best friend. The first few months were challenging because he is so strong willed, but 6 months in, he is a perfect gentleman. We have a 9 lb Shih tzu but nothing could have prepared us for life with a Siberian Husky. But lots of YouTube videos, husky palace website information, and endless Google searches have helped us get on track 😁. This was a great decision to get Thor and thank you husky palace for all your support.

Tia & Sean Bright

Evans GA

Our Family Is Now Complete!

We got our male Doberman “Loki” from the Husky Palace this past June. Such a wonderful experience! We still are in contact with them sending regular updates on our boy! Thinking about getting a girl …..?

Shoup Family

Columbia, SC
Boris 5 star review husky palace

Boris Dimitri

We already had one husky and totally fell in love with the breed. We got our second from Husky Palace. Boris is a magnificent creature! He is the happiest puppers EVER! It was great dealing with HP and super easy. We drove 19 hours to get our ball of floof and I’m so glad we did! At some point, we want to add to our pack and HP will be the only breeder we will ever use. He’s a plush blue eyed agouti and my BFFF. He and his “sisters” are best pals and he is such a sweet dog. Wonderful temperament, beautiful coat and OFAs are perfect. Thank you for allowing us to adopt Boris, I don’t know what we ever did before he got here lol. He even has his own Instagram page!

Nicole Donoway

Bloxom, VA 23308

Love my pup.

We went and got our little ball of Fluff the first week of February 2021. Honestly, it’s like a piece of the puzzle was missing until we picked up our girl. Italy was amazing to work with, and supported us the whole way through the adoption process. Italy is amazing to work with and made the whole process so much smoother on us and our pup.

Hoping to get another little to add to the family in 6-8 months. :)

Cheri Cross

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