Processing Fee

A non-refundable processing fee of $300 for Huskies & Dobermans may be placed on a puppy in order to reserve a puppy till he/she is 8 weeks old.

If the pup is older than 8 weeks old, the processing fee is to reserve them for 3 days.

You may place a processing fee on a current pup or on an upcoming litter.

If placing a processing fee on our upcoming litters:

Puppies are picked in the order processing fees are received. We will notify you where you are on the list at that point. If the puppy of your choice is not conceived/available then you will have a choice to move your processing fee to the next litter or take a pup of choice from the current litter. You must pick the puppy you want to reserve the same day we post pics of the puppies. This can be when they are a day to 3 days old. Learn more about the upcoming litter list.

Remaining Balance & Additional Fees

Before 8 weeks old:

The remaining balance must be paid by 8 weeks old. Cash at the time of pick up, no exceptions.

After 8 weeks old:

If you are unable to pick up your pup by 8 weeks old for any reason, then the remaining balance and fees must be paid by 8 weeks old. Where half of the amount will not be refundable if the adopter is unable to pick up the puppy. This must be done via a money order. This option is only for those pups who have already been reserved and their parents has an unexpected emergency.

If the puppy is older than 8 weeks old you must pick her/him up or pay the full amount within 3 days after placing the non-refundable processing fee. Where half of the amount will not be refundable if the adopter is unable to pick up the puppy for any reason.

No exceptions.

Having the pup shipped?:

If you need shipping you must pay the remaining balance plus the shipping fee for the puppy before shipping him/her. You may pay via money order.

Boarding the Puppy

Any puppy left here after they are ready for their new homes will be an additional $140 per week ($20 per day) for boarding, shots, and dewormings. This is for those who want to leave the puppy here longer due to vacation, work schedule, etc. This must be paid before 8 weeks old. Please see the “after 8 weeks old” section above.

If the pup is older than 8 weeks old and the pup will need to be reserved for longer than 3 days, the boarding fee will apply. $140 per week ($20 per day). The longest we hold the pup after 8 weeks old is 2 weeks.

However, you must contact us to see if this option is available


  • Coming back to adopt another puppy is $100 off.
  • Military Discount is $100 off to anyone who has sacrificed for us to continue living free. (Must show some type of ID/proof.)**

**One time only.
¹ These discounts are only valid for Siberian Husky puppies that are $2,100 or over and Doberman Pinscher puppies that are $4,700 or over (without their ears done). The discounts can not be combined. If the pup’s adoption fee has been dropped for any reason, no further discounts are allowed.


We offer $50 for each referral who adopts a puppy from us. There is no limit.

The $50 will be given once the referral has picked up their new family member.

You must inform us of this referral before they pick up the puppy.