Husky Palace and Adopter, in consideration of the mutual promises contained herein, agree that the transfer of the puppy shall be subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Adopter promises that Adopter has conducted extensive research about Siberian Huskies and has concluded that the breed fits well with the Adopter’s lifestyle.
  2. Adopter understands that any animal can sometimes behave in unpredictable, and even aggressive, ways. Adopter understands and agrees that the behavior and ultimate management of the disposition of this puppy are the Adopter’s responsibility. Husky Palace is not responsible for any aggressive acts, or any other problems, associated with this puppy. Husky Palace makes no representations or warranties concerning the behavior of the puppy after the transfer and assumes no liability for the puppy’s behavior. The Adopter agrees to take appropriate training measures to establish dominance and ensure that the dog is taught proper manners with respect to ‘sharing’ of possessions and food, socialization, and leash-work. The Adopter agrees to give the dog adequate time and attention and monitor the dog’s disposition and behavior closely.
  3. Adopter may return the puppy to Husky Palace at any time and for any reason. Husky Palace will, however, only issue refunds on the following schedule of the Adoption Fee:
    1. Within 24 hours of the Adopter’s receipt o