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Husky Palace offers the Siberian Husky genetic guarantee, 1 year, on the health of your puppy. We are proud of the puppies we produce. However, we do understand with the Siberian Husky breed you have inevitable health risk that all breeders wish we could say were not part of our breed.

We believe that our relationship with you is just beginning when you receive your puppy. While we would love to imagine that our puppies would never have any problems, unfortunately, there are certain things that are out of our control. General care, genetics, food & nutrition, and exercise are some factors that a puppy’s health is dependent on.

Puppies are current on vaccinations and de-worming when they leave to go to their new homes. Finally, to ensure that your puppy is a healthy one, we ask you to take your puppy to your veterinarian within 4 days of receiving her/him. You are responsible for any vet expenses.

4 days guarantee is given if the puppy has any type of intestinal worms.*

4 days guarantee is given against the following conditions, as they are not genetic and/or life threatening. Parvovirus, Corona, Distemper, upper respiratory infections, Bordetella, Bronchiseptica, Parainfluenza, Mycoplasma, and Demoicosis.*

For the above conditions, you will have to contact us as soon as possible before any decision is made.

2 days guarantee is given against the following parasites, such as any form of lice, mites, fleas or ticks.*

*For the above conditions, we will only pay you the treatment.

Umbilical Hernias:

Husky Palace is not responsible for any future surgeries such as Hernias. Some puppies have Umbilical Hernias. We will not have small Umbilical Cord Hernias removed as advised by our vet because these Hernias usually go away on their own and the stress of surgery could do more harm than help in these situations.

Genetic Guarantee:

Husky Palace only offers a year genetic guarantee. The first year of a puppy’s life beginning from their date of birth. Below is what it covers.

  • If your puppy is diagnosed within one year after their birth as having a genetic disorder that affects the health of your puppy negatively, you have 3 options:
    1. keep the puppy and we will return the cost of the puppy (so it will help you pay the treatment for the puppy),
    2. buyer may keep the pup and I will give you another puppy at the same cost,
    3. return the puppy and I will gladly give you another puppy at the same cost.
  • Or if your puppy passes away within one year after their birth from a genetic problem, we will give you another puppy of equal value.
  • For all three options above:
    1. The customer is responsible for transportation costs to and from Husky Palace
    2. A licensed veterinarian will need to certify the cause of death or genetic problem.
    3. Husky Palace is not responsible for any and all veterinarian expenses accumulated on returned or replaced pet.
  • For these above options to be valid you must provide us with updated recent pictures (the picture has to show face and body) and pictures when they were with us, Husky Palace. Also, the vet must have in their records the microchip # of the pup that we gave the pup.
  • Husky Palace has the right to ask for a 2nd opinion in which the buyer must pay any and all veterinarian expenses.
  • This process will take a while since we, Husky Palace, will research the genetic issue, talk to our vets, talk to your vet, & have our vets talk to yours.

What We Need From You:

There is nothing in the world that gives us more enjoyment than knowing that you received a happy, healthy, beautiful puppy. We want to ensure that your puppy remains healthy and there are a few things that you can do to help.

  1. Vaccinations and de-worming will be current on your puppy when you receive them so make sure you follow the proper schedule for vaccinating, physical exams, and de-worming.
  2. Healthcare and maintenance of your puppy on a daily basis, including following all veterinarian recommendations.

Exceptions to Our Guarantee:

  • Not vaccinating your puppy on time, or provide recommended regular veterinary care your guarantee will be void.
  • Spaying/neutering costs and related costs, including undescended testes are not covered.
  • Skin problems and any related costs, including alopecia, are not covered.
  • Puppy is overweight and is diagnosed with a genetic problem this guarantee is void.
  • The color, eye color, weight, markings, breeding ability, disposition, conformation, and/or temperament of you new puppy cannot be guaranteed.
  • The behavior and ultimate management of the disposition of this puppy are the responsibility of the buyer. The breeder is not responsible for any aggressive acts, or any other problems, associated with this puppy. The breeder is not responsible for any lawsuits or criminal charges occurring after the sale. The buyer must take appropriate training measures to establish dominance and ensure that the dog is taught proper manners with respect to ‘sharing’ of possessions and food, socialization, and leash-work. The buyer must give the dog adequate time and attention, and monitor the dog’s disposition and behavior closely.

Returning Pup:

For any reason, you are unable to care for this puppy, please contact us.

If this is up to 24 hours we will refund 75% of the cost of the puppy. One week after purchase we will refund 50% of the cost of the puppy. 2 weeks we will refund 25% of the cost of the puppy.

For us to refund the money by check we will need the AKC papers and shot record. We will not refund $300. For example, if you want to return the pup within one week after purchase and the pup cost was $1,400, then we will only refund $550.

If it’s over 2 weeks after purchase then the money is non-refundable. The pup is not to be sold or given to another party or be sent to a humane society. Therefore, the puppy must be returned back to Husky Palace; no exceptions.

The Husky Palace is not responsible for any and all veterinarian/transportation expenses accumulated on returned or replaced pet.


The Buyer agrees that this puppy will be treated in a humane manner and NEVER to be used in any type of dog fighting. All shots kept current. If the dog escapes and is in possession of any other individual or under control of the Humane Society; signature on this contract gives us, the breeder, and the authority to take possession of this puppy.

If there is no evidence of abuse to the puppy it will be returned to the buyer, in which case the Buyer will reimburse us for all expenses incurred in obtaining possession of the Siberian husky puppy, and for any Veterinarian care costs. If at any time there is evidence or proof that this Siberian husky pup is mistreated or neglected or have been in a dogfight the pup will be returned to Husky Palace immediately, you give us the right to take immediate possession of this puppy without notice or consent and you the buyer have no legal recourse.

AKC Registration:

This puppy is sold with AKC Limited / Full Registration ­­­­

If this puppy is sold with AKC Limited Registration it means this pup cannot be used for any type of breeding; this pup must be a pet only. If Husky Palace finds out you are breeding this pup in any such way we, Husky Palace, have the right to take the pup away from you. Unless you fill out the AKC Full Registration application. However, filling out the application does not mean you can breed the pup. Husky Palace will determine if you are eligible to breed. If you are then you may proceed to the next step, paying the cost of AKC Full Registration.

Husky Palace does not guarantee that this pup will be successful in a breeding/show/hunting program.