Dogs need exercise to be healthy and not destroy the house for being “too” active.

Here is what exercise does for dogs (and you):

  1. It strengthens respiratory and circulatory systems
  2. Help get oxygen to tissue cells
  3. Wards off obesity
  4. Keeps muscles toned and joints flexible
  5. Releases energy, relieves boredom and keeps mind active
  6. Aids in digestion

Good health includes daily exercise, whether it is a walk around the block, jogging on the bike path, playing Frisbee or fetch, swimming, or whatever. Make it a part of your every day so it becomes a routine.

Dogs Need Exercise

Older dogs, in particular, need exercise to keep their body and systems functioning properly. Not as strenuous a program as younger pups, of course, but enough to keep them active, alert, and healthy.
Increased activity will add months or even years to their lives.

Some breeds also require considerably more exercise than others. If you are considering buying a pet, be sure you know the exercise requirements for the breed you are interested in and are willing to devote the time necessary to give your pet what he needs.

Do yourself and your pet a big favor – get out there and have fun.

It is a great way to spend time together.