Option #1:

You can personally come and pick up the puppy from my house. The remainder of the puppy’s adoption fee must be paid in cash, with no exceptions.

Option #2:

We always prefer for you to pick up your little ones in person, but we realize that is not always possible. If that’s the case, we will personally deliver our Siberian Huskies or Doberman pinschers puppy(ies) in the Anderson, South Carolina area, Sanford, NC area, Charlotte, NC area, and surrounding areas. A travel crate is not included with this option. Our delivery service is based on availability and must be set up ahead of time -preferably several days to a week in advance. To learn more about this option click here!

Pick Up Your Puppy

Option #3:

So you live in another state and driving is just not an option to scoop up your puppy don’t worry we ship all the time. We handle all arrangements. We have to make sure you are close to a major airport that I can ship your puppy to you. 

We are comfortable shipping a puppy to you. We can ship the puppy when it is 8 weeks of age and older. They can be safely shipped from GSP or CLT Airport. We use United or American Eagle Airlines. The puppy will be delivered to the closest major airport of your choice. Please note that sometimes of the year when it’s very hot, we can only use United Airlines. We are not responsible for any delays in receiving your puppy due to the weather. This option includes a Health Certificate from our vet & a travel crate. To use this option, you must pay for your puppy as well as shipping ahead of time.

Option #4:

Some people feel a little squeamish about shipping a puppy alone. We will personally fly with your puppy and meet you at the airport. The puppy flies with us in the main cabin of the airplane in a travel crate. We are able to feed, water, and have constant supervision over the puppy. Also, the puppy is out and about when we are waiting to board the connecting flight.

The cost varies depending on where the puppy is going and what time of year. The charge is very straightforward you pay the flight ticket for me ($200 to $800), flight ticket for the puppy ($125), a health certificate ($100), hotel fees ($200 to $300), and the cost for this service is $200 to $400 (depends on where I need to fly). This option is based on availability and must be set up ahead of time, two weeks in advance. To use this option, you must pay in advance and the puppy must be 8-10 weeks old.