If you wish to be placed on this contact list please fill out the form below. The Contact list is where I will simply contact you when we have an adult Doberman up for adoption. This is normally 1 per year.

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From time to time, we have Doberman Pinscher adult dogs for sale to loving, permanent pet homes. They will be our dogs (retired) or puppies/doggies that were brought back.

Retired Dogs:

Our dogs are loved and well maintained – but we continue this effort by being cognizant of our numbers. We only keep enough dogs that we can spend individual time with them. So, it is a win-win for the new owner, the dog, and us. People who have adopted our adults are typically thrilled to have a lovely companion, without having to go through puppy stages. The owners find it just as easy to bond with an adult as they would a puppy. Dobermans can live to be as old as 10-13 years, in some cases. There is still plenty of time to be enjoyed with them from the point at which we allow them to go to their loving, forever homes.

Returned Pups/Dogs:

There are times the family will return a puppy/dog. This can be for different reasons. For example. they believe owning a doggie was easier, they are moving (the new place is not friendly), or they no longer have the time to take care of a fur baby. As mentioned, in our contract the families must bring back their babies if for any reason the family can no longer take care of them. We typically have a Doberman returned per year.



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  • Schedule a date to pick up your family addition (Unfortunately, these dogs must be picked up from our house OR delivered. To learn more about delivery click here!)

  • Keep us updated on the baby and continue spoiling the pup.


European Doberman

**Reserved for the English family from Cato, NY 13033**

European Dobermans

**Was picked up by the Palmer family from Morganton, North Carolina 28655**