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Photo by Jen B on Unsplash. Like all living creatures, Huskies & Dobermans are susceptible to sickness and it is very normal for a dog to be sick at times throughout the course of its life. Pet Insurance is really about being prepared for when your Husky or Dobermans needs to see their vet. Pet owners want to make sure they have the best resources and care are available for them. Thankfully, has put together a helpful
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Dog owners spend an average of $140 a month on their pet, with much of this going on high-end dog food to keep pampered pooches happy and healthy. What a lot of Husky and Doberman owners don’t realize is that it’s important to feed them a breed and age-specific diet to meet their nutritional needs throughout their life. For Huskies, this helps them to maintain a healthy weight; and for Dobermans, it provides good nutrition for the rapid
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Husky Need Their Own Personal Space
Just like humans, dogs like to have their own space, so it’s a good idea to give your husky a designated doggy-only zone. Crates and beds are a great way to do this, but they’re not always practical for big breeds, such as huskies and Dobermans. Giving your dog their own room may be best so that they have a quiet space to have a snooze, run around in and feel safe. Will a dog share their
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There’s nothing more exciting than bringing your Husky puppy home once they reach 7-8 weeks of age. Your new bouncy, fluffy bundle of fun will love nothing more than running around your garden, socializing with your other pets and making new friends at the park. However, these environments all pose a risk to your pup, as they are breeding grounds for fleas, ticks, and other pesky creatures. Therefore, it’s essential you take steps to protect your Siberian
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November 21, 2018

A Husky Puppy Right For Your Family?

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Siberian Huskies have grown in popularity over recent years, in part due to their appearance in the hit show, Game of Thrones. They currently rank in 12th place on the American Kennel Club’s top 20 dogs, up two places from 2013. However, these energetic, fluffy bundles of fun require lots of exercise, training and your time in order to keep them stimulated and in optimum condition. Therefore, it’s crucial you carefully consider the following factors before your family
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