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Picture Day For Our Puppies

The following are information is when its picture day for our puppies. 1 day to 3 days old: The first picture day is the day they are born up to 3 days old. This all depends on when the mother gave birth to her puppies and how busy we [...]

Children’s Dangerous Behavior Towards A Puppy

Children love to interact and get a reaction from the family puppy. Therefore, it's not uncommon for children to hide food, play a little too rough, hug too tightly, pet too hard, or play dress-up with the puppy. In these situations, the parents’ guidance is required. If the parent [...]

Update The Records Of Your Dog’s Microchip

Our pups go home with a prepaid international Microchip. At the time of pick up, we will inform you to update the records of the dog's microchip. Since the dog's microchip primary contact information is under our name, our address, and our phone number.  So please take the 2 [...]

Summer Tips For Puppies

Lately, parents of our puppies have asked us if we have any summer tips. So we decided to compile a list of summer tips for puppies. Having simple safety tips can ensure your Siberian Husky or Doberman Pinscher puppy to have a carefree summer.  Summer Celebrations This [...]

Free Pet Insurance That Husky Palace Offers

Husky Palace believes every dog should have pet insurance. For that reason, Husky Palace has partnered up with a pet insurance company who will provide the parents of our puppies with 30-day free pet insurance. What Is Covered? The medical insurance that our Siberian Huskies and Doberman [...]

Your Puppy’s First Year

First, congratulations on your new fur-member! With patience and consistent training, you will develop a bond with your Siberian Husky or Doberman Pinscher puppy. Where the puppy will be a best friend for life.  Most puppies follow some common life stages. We will go from birth to 12 months [...]

5 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Puppy

Everyone knows getting a puppy is cute. However, what no one talks about is the lifetime commitment you are making. Having a puppy is a real challenge. It's a challenge that will change your life.  Here are 5 things you should know before getting a puppy. 1.You [...]

Is The Chat A Robot?

Since we added the live chat I have been asked this question a lot. Hence, this blog. The live chat is located on the right bottom corner of the website. This live chat is not answered by a robot. The live chat is actually answered by me, Italy; the [...]

Your Dog’s Approval Is Crucial In Your Dating Life

According to a survey conducted by OnePoll for Wag!, a dog-walking company, it states your dog does have a significant impact on your dating life. The majority of dog owners state a potential partner must win over their fur-member before they fall for them, according to research. This study [...]

Why Get A Puppy With AKC Papers?

First, we have to answer what does AKC registration means? According to, the American Kennel Club is a registry body, responsible for tracking the lineage of dogs of a variety of breeds. When it’s time to pick up your new family member the breeder should provide you with [...]

Your Husky or Doberman- Will It Need Pet Insurance?

Photo by Jen B on Unsplash. Like all living creatures, Huskies & Dobermans are susceptible to sickness and it is very normal for a dog to be sick at times throughout the course of its life. Pet Insurance is really about being prepared for when your Husky or Dobermans needs [...]

Tailored Nutrition To Your Dog’s Breed And Age 

Dog owners spend an average of $140 a month on their pet, with much of this going on high-end dog food to keep pampered pooches happy and healthy. What a lot of Husky and Doberman owners don’t realize is that it’s important to feed them a breed and age-specific diet to [...]

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