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The Psychology Behind Naming Your Dog

After choosing a matching companion, one of the most common questions we see new puppy parents grapple with is, “What shall we call my dog?” Purchasing or adopting a gorgeous, loveable, and rambunctious ball of fur is exciting. But once in their custody, many dog owners don’t know what [...]

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Dog

Trying to adopt a dog isn’t as easy as some people make it out to be. You need to do a lot of research regarding what type of breed you want, will you be able to commit to looking after one according to your lifestyle, and will you be [...]

Everything You Need To Know About Doggy Daycare

This post is to learn more about what all breeders do. I have compiled the 5 things all dog breeders do for you to better understand the basics of finding a new family member with a dog breeder. Doggy daycares are made to make the life of the [...]

6 Tips for Running with Your Dog as Exercise

Running with your dog as a form of exercise may be a great way to stay in shape. You are more likely to adhere to your workout plan when you exercise with a partner, according to research. However, making your dog a workout partner you can rely on to [...]

2021 Statistics of Husky Palace

Husky Palace keeps track of the colors, the health of the pups, and where the pup lives. This helps us evaluate what we can do better (colors and the health of the pups) for the next year.  As you may have noticed on the website, Husky Palace is a [...]

Everything You Need to Know About The Siberian Husky

Are you interested in a quick learning lesson on the beautiful, intelligent dog breed: the Siberian husky? This dog breed is one of the most famous breeds for its unique look, energetic personality, and overall great behavior. There is a lot to learn about Siberian Huskies beyond just those [...]

Doberman Pinscher Dog Breed Information

Doberman Pinschers are muscular, athletic, loyal, intelligent, and brave companions. Although they have an unfair reputation for being unpredictable, this is an unfortunate furphy. Many owners can affirm that Dobermans are as sweet as sugar! That’s why the breed ranks seventeenth, out of a possible 197, in popularity on [...]

Spay/Neuter Legal Agreement

This post is to learn more about the spay/neuter legal agreement. I will inform you if your puppy will go home with one before you reserve him/her. I hope these frequent ask questions help you better understand the agreement. :) Deadline? I will provide you a deadline [...]

What is a Puppy Broker and Commercial Breeder?

This post is to learn more about what is a puppy broker and a commercial broker. Along with how to determine if the breeder you are contacting falls under one or both of these categories. If they do, please do not support them. Find a reputable breeder. A breeder [...]

DCM & Grain Free Diet

This post is to learn more about DCM, grain-free diet, and the relation of the two. A grain-free diet has caught the attention of the FDA and cardiologists. We do not allow families to feed our puppies a grain-free diet. This is mentioned in the legal agreement.  Canine [...]

Adding A Dog to Our Pack?

We, Husky Palace, want to improve the breed. Therefore when it’s time for us to add a new member to our pack it does take a while. The longest time it took to find the perfect new member was a year and a half. So you can say we [...]

2020 Statistics of Husky Palace

Husky Palace has decided to keep track of the colors, health of the pups, and where the pup lives.  As you may have noticed on the website, Husky Palace is a family of 2 Siberian Husky breeders located in the Carolinas. The breeder in Anderson, SC also breeds Doberman [...]


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