The breeders in Anderson, SC (Bali and Italy) breed Siberian Huskies and Doberman puppies. Their closest international airport is Greenville-Spartanburg Airport (GPS) in Greer, SC 29651. However, lately, this airport has been closed for pet cargo. Therefore they have been going to Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) in Charlotte, NC 28208.

The breeder in Sanford, NC (Daysi) only breeds Siberian Husky. She ships from Raleigh International Airport (RDU) in Morrisville, NC 27560. There are times she needs to travel to Piedmont Triad International Airport (GSO) in Greensboro, NC 27409

Expect your puppy to be a little timid when you pick her/him up. The puppy usually opens up within a few minutes. It can take up to a full day. They need time & a lot of attention. They are insecure because the pup has been taken away from their security zone- their littermates. The pup must go through this whether they are picked up or shipped. They are resilient & once they realize their security is you, they are happy & content again. You may consider bringing a towel or handy wipes; the puppy may need to be cleaned up a little before the drive home. Not all pups handle the trip perfectly. Unless mentioned otherwise, the paperwork/packet will be taped to the travel crate.

Usually, you will pick up the puppy at cargo. There are times they will be picked up at the baggage claim. When I call to book the flight, I do ask the agent where the family needs to pick up the puppy. I will pass this information along to you. If there is a problem when picking up the puppy, please check with the airline for assistance first. You can provide them confirmation/airway bill number you were given. You most likely will get quicker and better results if you are at the airport and have more access to the airline.

Once the puppy is dropped off at the airport, it is out of my hands and I have no control. I can not control the flights. Therefore the flight can be delayed or arrive earlier. I will also provide you with the flight information. So we can track the puppy’s flight.

You will need 2 forms of identification when picking up the pup. The name on the paperwork is to whom the airline will release the puppy. The airline will NOT allow anyone else to pick up the puppy. This is all for your protection so that someone else cannot claim your pup.

Shipping Fee?

This includes the puppy’s ticket, travel crate, health certificate, and our time (booking the flight, taking the pup to the vet, and driving to the airport).

The shipping fee is $950. 

The shipping fee plus the remaining balance for the puppy must be paid by money order from the US Post office, Venmo, Cash App, or Zelle. We do not accept any other kind of money orders or methods of payment.

May I pick the time?

Unfortunately, we are unable to pick a time. Since this depends on the airline. Not all planes are pet-friendly. I informed the airline where the puppy would fly to and they provided me with the flight details. Options are extremely rare.

May my puppy have a direct flight?

We have been breeding since 2005. We have shipped 5 puppies with a direct flight. Therefore the possibility of your puppy having a direct flight is extremely low. Unfortunately, this is how pet travel works. The average for a puppy to travel is 7 hours. The least it took was 5 hours and the most was 24 hours. 24 hours are for pups that are staying overnight at a pet hotel/boarding facility.

When Will I Know The Puppy Will Arrive?

We can book the flight 3 to 5 days before we can ship the puppy. Remember the puppy must be 8 weeks old to be able to board the plane (by law). Therefore I will inform you once we have booked the flight. :)

How long do I need to wait to pick up the baby once the puppy arrives?

It usually takes an hour to pick up the baby. For them to grab the baby transfer her/him to cargo and review the paperwork. 😊 I always recommend arriving on time (when the plane arrives). Since there are times when the plane arrives earlier or/and the process of transferring and reviewing the paperwork is faster.

What Will Come With The Puppy?

The paperwork (inside the folder), leash, and blanket. Other items can not be shipped with the baby. Therefore this option of pick-up does not come with all the free items.

Overnight Stay

Most pups who are traveling to the West Coast will require the puppy to stay overnight. This means they stay at a luxurious boarding establishment, Paradise 4 Paws. This is more common after the pandemic due to the shortage of pet-friendly flights.

If your puppy has to stay overnight, you will be responsible to cover the cost. This tends to be $260. We will inform you how much the overnight stay is and inform you of the details of when the baby leaves us, arrives at Paradise 4 Paws, leaves Paradise 4 Paws, and arrives at your international airport.

We have had a handful of babies that had this experience. The staff are extremely nice and treat the baby like a king/queen. We trust them with our babies.

What Now?

If you would like to proceed with this pickup option, please send me an email or text with the name of the 2 closest international airports, the person’s name for picking up the puppy, his/her address, and phone number.

Remember your 2 closest international airports might not have flights for puppies. I will try my best to ship the puppy to the nearest international airport.


We only ship within the USA. However, for the USA, we do NOT ship to HI (Hawaii) due to their restrictions. We can fly with the puppy to this state (and others) if you wish. We CANNOT ship to Montana. Since these airports do not have a pet cargo option.

Remember we do offer to fly with the puppies (puppy nanny).

American Airlines:

We use American Airline Pet Embark. Learn more about them!