We ship Siberian Huskies, AKKs, Doberman puppies from Greenville-Spartanburg Airport (GPS) in Spartanburg, SC or Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU).

Expect your puppy to be a little scared when you pick her/him up. The puppy usually always calm down & are back to being their normal self within a day, but some are very active at first. They just need time & a lot of special attention. They are insecure because the pup has been taken away from their security zone-their littermates. The pup must go through this whether they are picked up or shipped. They are pretty resilient & once they realize their security is you, they are happy & content again. You may consider bringing a towel or handy wipes; the puppy may be needed to be cleaned up a little before the drive home. Not all pups handle the trip perfectly. The paperwork/packet will be taped to the travel crate.

Here is the pricing for shipping: (This includes airplane ticket, travel crate & health certificate)
For Siberian Huskies, AKKs, and Dobermans puppies:

$500 For one puppy in the USA, Puerto Rico, Anchorage Alaska  & Canada.
$600 For two puppy in the USA, Puerto Rico, Anchorage Alaska  & C