Husky Palace is a family of Siberian Husky breeders located in South Carolina.

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How to Pick Up Your Puppy!

We always prefer for you to pick up your little ones in person, but we realize that is not always possible. If that’s the case, we will personally deliver the Siberian Husky puppy(ies) 2-hour distance from my house. We will deliver the Siberian husky pup(s) to your nearest gas station for an extra fee. The delivery cost must be paid before I drive the pup to the gas station.

The requirement to buy a puppy from us is having knowledge about the breed, filled out the questionnaire, and also read the pages under the Resources tab of “Before Buying a Puppy from Us”.

As Siberian Husky Breeders, all we ask is for updated pictures throughout the lives of our puppies as we grow attached to each one and really get to know them on a very intimate level due to our nurturing practices.

Before you decide to take a puppy home, our puppies have a special message for you:

“We are forever dogs. We are not “until you get bored with us”, 
”until you find a girlfriend/boyfriend”, “until we get old”. “until you have to move” dogs, or “until you get a new puppy” dogs. 
We’re forever dogs, and if you can’t promise us forever, then we are not your dogs!”