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Our Husky litters will come with the following:

  1. AKC limited registration papers
  2. Health record (UTD on shots & deworming)
  3. Genetic Guarantee
  4. Puppy food package (Diamond Puppy)
  5. Prepaid International Microchip
  6. Vet Checked
  7. NuVet Supplements
  8. Harness, leash, blanket** and toy

**Scent of siblings and mother

The remaining balance will need to be paid in cash at the time of pick up. No exception. Read more about payments.

The “Pay Now” button is only for the non-refundable deposit, $300, and it will count toward the price.

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Husky Palace is a family of 2 breeders of Siberian husky pups located in South Carolina.

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See Siberian Husky Puppies In Anderson, SC

The requirement to buy a puppy from us is having knowledge about the breed, filled out the questionnaire, and also read the pages under the Resources tab of “Before Buying a Puppy from Us”.

Husky Palace has been breeding since 2005 and now in our 2nd generation of the family. This means that 2 generations of the family are breeding. Thus we have a lot of knowledge about the breed. We strongly believe in breeding for the betterment of the Siberian Husky breed. Thus our pups are bred with an emphasis on beauty, temperament, and health.

Husky Palace tends to have all the colors, the 3 type of coats, and the different eye colors. The following is the breakdown of our pups:

Anderson, Sc (second family) tends to have more gray/white and black/whites than the first family. However, they do have red/whites and Solid whites from time to time. Half of their red/whites are light red while the other half is copper.
For the coat the second family tends to have the standard and plush coat. They do have wooly coat sometimes.
Their pups tend to have blue, brown, parti-eyes, or bi-eyes. Sometimes they will have green eyes.

Anderson, SC (first family) tends to have more red/white and Solid whites than the second family. However, we do have gray/whites and black/whites. Most of our red/whites are copper.
Our pups’ wooly coat is typically plush and wooly coat. We do have a handful of the standard coat.
The eye color of our puppies tends to be blue, bi-eyes, and green eyes. At times we do have brown eyes and parti-eyes.