Liv – Blue Eyes Huskies

Here are photos of our Blue Eyes Huskies (husky) puppy, Liv. You can see photos of him when he was a few days old to the most recent pics. We hope you guys enjoy these cute puppies pictures.

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Liv is a retired Siberian Husky. She just finish blowing her coat. Hence, why her fur is not looking great. In a couple of weeks, she will go back to her plush coat. :) She LOVES playing in the rain. Dancing in the rain. In addition, she gets along with all the doggies she has met. She is an affectionate baby who will have a favorite human. Her favorite human here is Bali (my mother).

We got her from a breeder who passed away in 2019. She was a shy little baby. But now enjoys our company. Therefore she will be shy at first. Just show her you will give her love.


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