Isla Crown – Solid Brown Husky

Here are photos of our Solid Brown Husky, Isla Crown. You can see photos of her when she was a few days old to the most recent pics. We hope you guys enjoy these cute puppy pictures.

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Husky Palace's Simba King of the Pride Lands


This picture is Simba. The father of Isla Crown. Isla should look similar to Simba once she is full grown. She will have less white.

About Isla:

I have the traditional Husky energy. I am the breeder’s (Italy) favorite of the litter. 💛 Favorite of the litter is based on temperament and beauty. I am the first to greet new people. 😊 I enjoy giving them kisses. What can I say? I LOVE attention. Oh, I also enjoy pinecones. However, dog toys are okay. I prefer to run around (zoomies) and wrestle with my siblings. I am a friendly, outgoing, alert, gentle, intelligent, active, LIVELY, joyful, confident, fearless, playful, kind, and trusting Husky puppy.

  • We have been breeding for 19 years. We have been breeding the father and mother’s bloodlines for 18 years.

  • Within this litter bloodline, there are 38 dogs with OFA exams. To this day, no significant health issues. 

  • The expected average weight for Isla should be 53 lbs. This is based on previous litters.