Bowie – Red Husky Puppy

Here are photos of our Red husky puppy, Bowie. You can see photos of him when he was a few days old to the most recent pics. We hope you guys enjoy these cute puppy pictures.

Get the Full Experience:

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  • Reason for Returning Bowie: They were not equipped to introduce an older puppy to the pack (they have 3 other Huskies). An older pup or an adult does require more time and knowledge to introduce them to a pack. For instance, they need to feel comfortable with you and the house first before introducing them to other dogs.

  • Training: House trained, does not jump on people, knows how to walk well on the leash (minimal pulling, if any).

  • Does he get along with other dogs?: He gets along with all the dogs here. Loves playing with them (with toys and without). He does not like sharing his food. Feeding time will need to be in separate rooms.

  • Does he get along with cats?: The former family nor us, have cats. Therefore unsure how he will react with one.

  • Does he get along with children?We have two children under the age of 6. He does well with them.

  • What treats does he love?: Not picky on treats.

  • More Info? He is a sweet, playful, outgoing, friendly, lively, and agile doggie.