Birdie – European Doberman

Here are photos of our European Doberman, Birdie.

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About Birdie/Reina:

I have less energy than a traditional Doberman Pinscher. I have always been this way. I LOVE meeting new people. I will demand affection from anyone. Stranger? That does not exist in my vocabulary. I will place my head on your lap if you are sitting. If you are standing, I will head butt you gently. I guess you can say, my love language is human interaction. When I play with other doggies, I tend to wrestle. I do not like playing tag. Never did. After playing for a while, I am ready to snuggle with someone. Let’s talk about treats, I LOVE them. I will get EXCITED when I see you grab a bag. I enjoy any treats. I prefer meat flavor, but I won’t say no to fruit flavor treats. :) Anyways, let’s change the topic. I enjoy car rides, especially if I am a passenger. I will need a lift in the car. Why will I jump in, if you can give me a nudge? Getting out of the car or truck, I will jump out. Overall, I am a well-mannered baby looking for her forever home. I am a friendly, joyful, AFFECTIONATE, gentle, intelligent, outgoing, confident, calm, kind, and trusting Doberman.