People have been asking what is the difference between the contact and upcoming litter list. There is a significant difference between these two. 

Upcoming Litter List:

The upcoming litter list requires you to fill out the questionnaire and a processing fee to secure a spot to be among the first to pick from the litter. You will let us know what color and gender you want to reserve once you have placed the processing fee.

The benefit of sending a $300 non-refundable processing fee before the litter is born is for you to be next in line to choose a puppy of all the available pups.

If you place an upcoming litter processing fee you must inform us which puppy you want us to reserve the same day we post the pictures.

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There are times when I have more than one family reserving the same gender and color. In this case, a numerical system will be in action. For instance, let’s say there are two families for the black/rust Doberman Pinscher males. You place a processing fee for that same color and gender. You will have the 3rd pick of the black/rust males. Therefore, you will have to wait for the two families ahead of you to pick their puppy.

What happens if the puppy I reserve isn’t born?

You can wait for the next upcoming litter or pick one from the current litter. If you decide to pick one from the current litter, you will have to wait for everyone on the upcoming litter list to pick their puppy. Since it will not be fair for you to jump ahead of someone who placed the processing fee for another color and gender.

What happens if the litter is born and I do not want the color and gender I reserved? Can I change it to another color and/or gender?

Let’s say you placed the processing fee for a copper Siberian Husky female. But once the litter arrives there are copper females but you have changed your mind on the color. You now want a solid white female. If no one reserved a solid white female, you may change your reservation. If there are families on the solid white female upcoming litter list, then you will have to wait until the families have picked their solid white female.

How in advance can I place an upcoming litter processing fee?

As in advance you want. If you want a puppy in a year, you may place the processing fee. Just inform us when you want the puppy. So I can add a note next to your name on the upcoming litter list.

Therefore, if you want a puppy in the Fall of 2020, you can go right ahead and place the processing fee. I have had people done this in the past. Since the family, is certain they want a puppy from us and know when they want one.

Only Color and Gender is reserved.

Once the upcoming litter arrives you will need to inform us which puppy you want your processing fee to go towards. This will be done the day the we post photos of the pups. This tends to be the day they are born up to 3 days old. No dog breeder will allow you to pick the pup you want to reserve once they are 7 weeks old. Therefore you are picking the puppy solely on gender, markings, and color. 

For the Siberian Huskies, you are not picking on the type of coat, eye color, nor temperament. Therefore you will need to inform the us  exactly what you are looking for. So the we may inform you which parents will give you the puppy you are looking for. 

The same goes for the Doberman Pinscher breed. You are not picking based on temperament. Once again, you will need to ask us what type of Doberman you are looking for.

More Information about the Doberman Pinscher Upcoming Litter and Contact List:

Most, if not all, of the Dobermans will be spoken for before they are born. If we have more puppies (more than we expected) then families on the contact list will have an option to reserve the puppy. However, about 6 families on the contact list per year are able to adopt a puppy from us. Therefore if you have decided you want to proceed with us, I recommend placing the processing fee. Or you might be waiting for 4 months or more for your new family member.

Contact List:

The contact list is simply how it sounds. I contact you once everyone on the upcoming litter list have picked their puppy. 

There is a numerical system to this contact list. I have a Google document where I add all the families who have requested to be on this list. For instance, at the moment, I have 8 families on the Siberian Husky contact list and 6 on the Doberman Pinscher contact list. 

If you were number 5 on the contact list, you will be the 5th I contact. If I contact you, and you call me while I am informing the rest of the families I will not answer. I will call you back once I have finished contacting everyone on the contact list. This is to be fair. So all the families are aware of the litter. 

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How do I request to be on the list?

You may send me a text at (864) 518-0085, email at [email protected] , or chat stating you want to be on the contact list. I will need the following information:

Your name
Your phone number
Your email address
Any preference on the color, gender, type of coat, and/or time period you want

How many can be on the contact list?

There is no limit on the contact list. I have had up to 30 people once. 

Do I have to fill out the questionnaire to be placed on this contact list?

You do not. However, once you decide to proceed with one of our babies, we require families to fill it out.


I hope this FAQ blog helps you understand the difference between the two lists Husky Palace has. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact me. 

As always God bless and Go Tigers!

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