We, Husky Palace, want to improve the breed. Therefore when it’s time for us to add a new member to our pack it does take a while. The longest time it took to find the perfect new member was a year and a half. So you can say we take this seriously.

Step 1: What should we add to the pack?

Talking to our family and discuss what should we add.

For the Huskies, we have to decide on the gender, color, type of markings, and type of coat

For the Dobermans, we decide on gender, color, and should we import the dog from Europe.

This step takes about a day to a week. Since the whole family has to agree.

meeting - Husky Palace

Photo by Dylan Gillis

Step 2: Searching for the new member

As you guys (new parents of puppies) know that this can take a lot of your time. This can take days to months.

Step 3: Asking Questions To The Breeder

*Clearly if we are not planning to keep one of our pups*

After finding a potential new member of the pack, we have to ask the following questions to the breeder:

  1. Do you offer AKC full?
  2. May we see the photos of the parents?
  3. May we see the photos of the pedigrees?

Typically the 1st question is no. So we have to continue searching.

For the 2nd question, you will be amazed by how many breeders do not provide photos of the parents. If that is the case, we continue our search. If they do provide photos of the parents we can proceed with looking at the pedigrees.

Why do I look at the pedigrees? To ensure the puppy is not related to him/herself (incest). Typically if we are able to pass the first 2 questions we typically cannot pass this one. So we are back to searching. If the third question passes I have to go to part B. Part B is seeing if the puppy is related to our dogs. Since we do not want to have incest puppies.

Examples of some issues we have to face when finding the new member(s):

At the moment we are looking to add new members to the pack (Huskies & Dobermans).

Example 1: There were two pups that we were looking at and have passed the first 2 questions. However, when we got to question 3 it failed. They were related to themselves (incest).

Example 2: Another puppy was bred with her father. I mentioned this to the breeder. He simply stated, he needed to keep the bloodlines pure. I was shocked and couldn’t even reply.

Example 3: Another one stated it’s impossible to find a dog that is not incest. That one must do it [breed family members]. So I replied stating, it is difficult to find one that is not related. However, it’s not impossible. One just needs patience.


Step 4: Picking Up The New Member

Finally, we get to the last step. We try to personally pick up the puppy so we can see the parents in person and the breeder. But in some cases, this is not possible. So we have to get the puppy shipped to us.


As I stated before, this process can take us up to a year and a half. But in the end, we are extremely happy. We got a puppy that meets our requirements. :) Recall these are the steps we take to add a new member to the family. We have steps to breed the dogs. We will post a blog about this soon.

As always, God bless and Go Tigers!

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