This blog only applies to us, Husky Palace. Every breeder has their own terms. We have both terms. In this blog, you will learn the difference between these two terms. To prevent any misunderstandings.

1) Non-Refundable Processing Fee:

The processing fee is to reserve the puppy. This fee is $300 and it goes towards the adoption fee.


The puppy you want to adopt is $1,500. You have filled out the questionnaire and been approved. You now want to ensure the puppy is yours, so you want to place the processing fee. You will do so by paying online. The remaining balance will be $1,200.

2) Deposits:

The deposit is part of the spay/neuter agreement. Not all pups go home with a spay/neuter legal agreement. However, all our pups are pet only as stated in the legal agreement and AKC registration papers. I will inform you once I am reviewing your questionnaire. The deposit is also $300. The difference is this fee is not part of the adoption fee; it’s an additional $300. The deposit is refundable if you follow the terms and conditions in the agreement.

processing fee - Husky Palace

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2.a) Terms and Conditions:


I hope this blog helps you better understand the difference between processing fees and deposits.

As always, God bless and Go Tigers!

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