March – Husky Breeders

Here are photos of our ( Husky Breeders ) puppy, March. You can see photos of her when she was a few days old to the most recent pics. We hope you guys enjoy these cute puppies’ pictures.

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About March:

I have the traditional Siberian Husky energy. I enjoy running around. This is my play time. 💙 I also like to talk. You will hear me speak in the video. 😊 I also enjoy giving kisses. You will see me chasing the breeder, Daysi. Once I catch up I start giving her kisses on her legs. I have met children (a baby and a child). I am a friendly, alert, gentle, intelligent, active, agile, playful, and kind puppy.

  • We have been breeding for 19 years. For the father’s bloodlines for 1 year.  We have been breeding the mother bloodlines for 18 years.

  • Within this bloodline, there are 13 dogs with OFA exams. To this day, no significant health issues. 

  • This pup is 8th generation from our Husky Palace Bloodlines. The bloodlines have shown healthy, beautiful, and great personalities over 18 years.

  • The expected weight for March is 47 lbs full-grown.  This is based on previous litters (females).