Kona- Husky Puppies Breeders

Here are photos of our Husky Puppies Breeders, Kona. You can see photos of her when she was a few days old to the most recent pics. We hope you guys enjoy these cute puppy pictures.

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  • Reason for Returning Kona: “major unexpected life event causing us to have to relocate to a place we cannot take her.💔💔.” – former family

  • Training: “She answers to “Kona”. Knows “sit”, “paw”, “other paw”, “lay down”, “outside” (and after she’s out she knows what it means to “go potty” and “poopoo”), she will come to snuggle into me when I squat and open my arms and say “it’s my doggy!” and is just so affectionate and loving.” – Former family

  • Does she get along with other dogs?: “She gets along with other dogs well. ” – Former family. She gets along with all the dogs here. :) She has met, a chihuahua mix (in the video), Dobermans, other Huskies, and Alaskan Klee Kai.

  • Does she get along with cats?: ” although she tries to play with the cats, she has never intentionally hurt them. Just paws back when they’d paw at her and wants to chase them. ” -Former family

  • Does she get along with children?: “She he gets along with older children.” – Former family

  • What treats does she love?: “she loves her little wolf toy that squeaks and another mouse chew toy. She likes nila bones. She likes kongs with treats inside. She loves spray cheese (the vet introduced her to it) and also gets an Arm & Hammer Fresh Breath treat each morning that she goes crazy over! ” – Former family

  • More Info? She was an extremely nervous doggie when she was brought back in June 2023. We wanted to ensure she became more confident before finding her a home. She has made a lot of progress. She is now a little timid with new people.