Natasha’s weight:  90 lbs
Natasha’s height: 24 1/2 inches
European: Yes, directly imported from Europe
Champion Bloodlines: Yes, champion sired.

Natasha is the pup with her breast hanging down (was currently providing milk to her puppies).


The 1st pedigree is Natasha’s original pedigree.
The 2nd pedigree is Natasha’s American Kennel Club pedigree.
Natasha’s DNA profile # is V854847

Champion Information:

  • Natasha Champions (CH) starts in the 1st Generation
    • Sire side: starts in 1st Generation with Natasha’s father, Guard De Marine De Grande Vinko. He is a Youth CH.
      • Has 70 Champions throughout Natasha’s 7th Generations.
      • Consisting Champions, Multi. CHs, and Int. CHs.
    • Dam side: starts in 2nd Generation with Delia’s Grandfather, Efes Eto Ginga House. He is a CH.
      • Has 166 Champions throughout Nathasa’s 8th Generations.
      • Consisting of Champions, Multi. CHs, and International CHs.
    • In total Natasha’s has about 236 Champions throughout 8 generations
  • Important Champions/bloodlines in Natasha’s pedigree
    • Guard De Marine De Grande Vinko
    • Efes Eto Ginga House
    • Teraline Midgard
    • Ginga House bloodlines

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More Facts:

  • Was born in Europe (Serbia)
  • Directly Imported European Doberman
  • Champion Sired

Health Exam Certificates:

Health Exam Results:

  • vWD: clear by parentage
  • DCM: clear by parentage


  • Alert
  • Active
  • Agile
  • Playful
  • Intelligent
  • Friendly
  • Loyal
  • Confident
  • Joyful
  • Quick
  • Gentle

Natasha’s Parents Information:

Mother of Natasha: Beba Od Trše

Beba OD Trše’s Results:

DCM: Clear
VwD: Normal
Thyroid: Normal
Cardio: Negative

Father of Natasha: Guard De Marine De Grande Vinko

Guard De Marine De Grande Vinko’s Results:

DCM: Clear
Cardio: Negative
Eyes: Clear
VwD: Clear by parentage

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