Onni/Belle – Pet Husky

Here are photos of our pet Husky , Onni/Belle. You can see photos of her when she was a few days old to the most recent pics. We hope you guys enjoy these cute puppy pictures.

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  • Reason for Rehoming Onni/Belle: We are downsizing and decided Onni/Belle will be rehomed.

  • Training: House trained, crate trained, and knows to sit.

  • Does she get along with other dogs?: Yes. She gets along with other Huskies, Dobermans, and a Labrador.

  • Does she get along with cats?: She saw one at the vet. She was afraid of him…

  • Does she get along with children?Yes. 

  • What treats does she love?: Any! Not picky.

  • More Info? Her AKC registered name is Onni. But we call her Belle. In honor of her mother, Belle. 💚 She responds to both. She has the traditional Siberian Husky energy. She is well-behaved indoors. She only likes to go outside for a few minutes to play. Once she is done, she will stare at you through the window. If that does not get your attention, she will start knocking. 😊 She enjoys sleeping on the bed (at the foot of the bed) with you. Last but not least, she LOVES car rides. Once you open the door, she jumps right in.