HuskyPalace has concluded that this puppy cannot be use for breeding or showing. This puppy must be pet only.

#1. Pet Only: If we, HuskyPalace, find out that the buyer is breeding or showing this puppy we have immediate possession of this puppy. The puppy must be returned to HuskyPalace immediately. The buyer gives us the right to take the puppy without notice or consent and the buyer has no legal recourse.

#2. Care: The Buyer agrees that this puppy will be treated in a humane manner and NEVER used in dog fight. All shots kept current. If the dog escapes and is in possession of any other individual or under the control of the Humane Society; signature on this contract gives us, HuskyPalace, the authority to take possession of this puppy.

If there is no evidence of abuse to the puppy it will be returned to the buyer. If at any time there is evidence or proof that this puppy is mistreated or neglected or has been used for dog fight(s) the puppy will be returned to HuskyPalace immediately, you give us the right to take immediate possession of this puppy without notice or consent and you, the buyer, have no legal recourse.

In these two cases, the buyer will reimburse us for all expenses incurred in obtaining possession of the puppy, any Veterinarian care costs, and transportation expenses.

Pet Only Guarantee