Diggs – Red/rust Doberman Pinscher

  • Reason for Returning Diggs: He can be mean when he is overstimulated –  former family. However, he is a delight to us. ❤️

  • Training: House trained, crate trained, does not jump on people. “Sit”

  • Does he get along with other dogs?: He gets along with all the dogs here. Which include Huskies and Dobermans. His best friend here is Mamba, a female Doberman.

  • Does he get along with cats?: The former family nor us, have cats. The former family did mention that he seems to not like them. Since a neighbor had some.

  • Does he get along with children?Yes, his former family had children. 

  • More Info? He is now up for adoption. We gave him time to adjust and for us to evaluate him (1 month and 1 week). He does get overwhelmed when he sees a lot of doggies. The former family stated he does not do well at doggie daycares. As mentioned above, his go-to buddy is Mamba. He has met his sisters, Meredith and Olivia, and aunt, Natasha. He gets excited when he sees them. He will go running towards them. Go back to me. Cry. Too excited and nervous.

    When we are having dinner, he likes to sit next to you. Watch the food. He does not steal the food. When I tell him no and go away, he does. Upset but he complies. :)

    He is the first to hear someone coming up the driveway. Already barking and letting me know “danger” has arrived. A GREAT watchdog. Once I tell him it’s the neighbor or the mailman he goes back in the house. Talks back to me that they can still be dangerous 😂.

    When we are relaxing in the living room, he will lay down his head on you. Like the traditional Doberman.

    He LOVES seeing the leash. Once you grab it, he is wagging that tail. ❤️ Ready to go!

    For precautions reasons, a muzzle is placed on him for grooming and vaccines.

    Overall, he is a SUPER sweet, joyful, affectionate, lively, active, and agile baby. The first day, he was just with us. No other doggies. He acted like we were his favorite humans.

Here are photos of our Red/rust Doberman Pinscher, Diggs. You can see photos of him when he was a few days old to the most recent pics. We hope you guys enjoy these cute puppies pictures.

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