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Rojo III’s Information:

Weight: 65 lbs

Height: 23 1/2 inches

Type of Coat: Super Wooly

Color: Red/white (dark red)

Eye Color: Blue


Rojo III


  • Active
  • Agile
  • Friendly
  • Gentle
  • Outgoing
  • Intelligent
  • Independent

Fun Facts:

  • Loves To Run
  • Doesn’t like to be groomed.
  • Doesn’t like bath time.
  • Loves to be with Valentine.
  • Award: Valentine’s Partner In Crime

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Q: What is a microchip and does your pups come with one?

A: A microchip implant is for permanent identification in case your puppy is ever lost. It does not hurt the puppy; it’s like getting a shot. The microchip will be located in the muscle between the shoulder blades of your puppy.

If your puppy was ever lost and found by a Humane Society, animal control, breeder, or rescue the puppy would be scanned. Then using Pet Microchip Lookup you would be notified of where your puppy is located.

All of our dogs and puppies are microchipped. We want to ensure that if you lose you fur-member you have a high chance of getting her/him back.

We use AKC Reunite prepaid microchips. AKC Reunite does not have annual fees like other companies. Additionally, we pay for the installation fee. Therefore you do not have to pay anything in regards to the microchip. All you have to do is update the contact information. Since at the moment, the puppy is registered under our name, our address, and our phone number.


“The richest man in world is the one who has a dog” – Unknown

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