Siberian Husky Grooming is an important part of keeping a Siberian husky clean.

Most owners bathe them once or twice per month to keep their coat clean and shiny. Siberian Huskies have a long coarse yet silky outer coat, which is designed to shed water and snow and keep moisture away from their skin. Their undercoats, however, are soft and fluffy and serve to retain heat. This double coat allows these dogs to brave temperatures as low as -70 degrees F.

By grooming the Siberian husky regularly, you’ll go a long way in controlling the shedding.

These dogs do require regular coat maintenance if you want them to look their best and keep their hair off your carpets!

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Blowing Their Undercoat:

You may have heard that unlike many medium breeds, Huskies don’t continually shed. Instead, they blow their undercoat completely twice a year. Huskies will blow their undercoat when the seasons change. This is a very intense shedding period during which the entire undercoat falls out in large and small clumps. This period can sometimes last longer than 3 weeks.


Prepare yourself for a lot of vacuuming. A good vacuum is a must for these dogs. A great one will pay you back in spades! I recommend the Dyson with the pet attachment.


In addition, it is important to never shave a Siberian Husky, as the coat provides natural insulation both against summer heat and winter cold, and it protects the Husky’s skin from sunburn.

Why Should I Not Shave My Husky’s Hair/Coat?

The first layer, closest to the skin is call their undercoat, it’s made up of fine, fluffy, and short hairs. This is the fur that sheds. This layer responsible insulating the dog by trapping air.

The second layer is what we call the topcoat. The top coat is made up of tougher guard hairs. They guard your dog against the UV rays and insects. Siberian Huskies have a coat capable of keeping them both warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer. Shaving your snow dog’s coat does much more harm than good. Owners shaving their dog’s coat is a major cause of heat stroke. The only time your dog’s coat should be shaved is for medical reasons.