Cinderella – Standard Coat Husky Puppy

About Cinderella:

I have the traditional Siberian Husky energy. I am a submissive baby who gets along with all the dogs I have been introduced to. I have met other Huskies, Dobermans, a chihuahua, and a Labrador. I love chasing the ball (I learned it from the Lab) but I do not return it to the breeder. I will grab it and lie down. Italy, the breeder, will take it from my mouth and throw it or allow me to play alone. :)  When the lab or a dog has the ball, I will kiss them. Hoping they will give it to me, but it does not work. Anyway, I LOVE treats. All treats. I am not picky. Oh, when Italy takes me a bath I will give her kisses. I think she distracts me with them. Oh well! I LOVE giving your face or hands kisses. I want you to know how much I LOVE you. I am house-trained and crate-trained. I am a friendly, alert, intelligent, active, agile, joyful, AFFECTIONATE, lively, curious, playful, and kind Husky.

  • Reason For Rehoming: She was going to be part of our breeding pack. However, we are downsizing and decided Cinderella will be one of the females to find a home.

  • Does she get along with children? Yes.

  • Does she get along with cats? We do not have any cats. Therefore unsure how she will interact with one.

  • Current weight? 61.4 lbs

Here are photos of our Standard Coat Husky puppy, Halo. You can see photos of her when she was a few days old to the most recent pics. We hope you guys enjoy these cute puppies pictures.

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