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Tea’s Information:

Weight:  90 lbs

Height: 24

European: Yes, directly imported from Europe

Champion Bloodlines: Yes, champion sired.


  • Tea Champions (CH) starts in the 2nd Generation

      • Sire side: starts in 2nd Generation with Tea’s grandparents, Purgaj’s Porshe Di Altobello.
        • They have 144 Champions throughout Tea’s 9 Generations.
        • Consisting Champions, Multi. CHs, and Int. CHs.
      • Dam side: starts in 2nd Generation with Tea’s Grandfather, Cesar Crosi Von Ashanti.
        • Has 77 Champions throughout Tea’s 9 Generations.
        • Consisting of Champions, Multi. CHs, and International CHs.
      • In total Tea’s has about 221 Champions throughout 9 generations.
      • The championship titles come from Italy, Russia, Yugoslavian, Austria, Argentina, Mexico, Hungary, Ukraine, Lithuania, Croatia, Poland, Serbia, Germany, and Bosnia & Herzegovina.
  • Important Champion bloodlines in Tea’s pedigree

      • Altobello’s Bloodlines
      • Grande Vinko’s Bloodlines
      • Ginga House’s bloodlines
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  • Was born in Europe (Serbia). We directly imported her from Europe!

  • We got her at 4 months old!

  • Award: The Sweetest of the Pack

  • House trained

  • Crate trained

  • Does not jump on people

  • Gets along with all the doggies.


  • Checked by the vet: Healthy

  • Family Members (57 health exams):

      • vWd: 8 family members with vWd tests (Clear)
      • DCM: 5 family members with DCM DNA or Echo tests (Clear)
      • Hips: 30 family members with Hip exams (Excellent, Good, & Fair).
      • Eyes: 4 family members with Eyes exams (Clear).
      • Elbow: 7 Family Member with Elbow exams (Good)


  • Alert

  • Active

  • Agile

  • Intelligent

  • Loyal

  • Confident

  • Quick

The requirement to adopt a puppy from us is having knowledge about the breed, filled out the questionnaire, and also read the pages under the Resources tab of “Before Buying a Puppy from Us”

Q: Are you a commercial dog breeder?

A: No, we are not commercial breeders and refuse to become one. In order to become a commercial breeder, you must have at least 30 breeding dogs. Being a commercial breeder is just a “fancier” way of being a puppy mill. These breeders will be checked once by the animal control every year. Commercial breeders are establishments of large-scale facilities where dogs are confined in extremely small kennels with little to no exercise or positive human contact. The purpose of a commercial breeder (puppy mill) is to sell the pups for profit through retail pet stores or/and brokers.

Check out Save Them All to learn about how the dogs and puppies are found at these commercial breeder/puppy mills/LLC.