After wanting a Siberian Husky for over 20 years, it was finally the right time in my life. I started doing thorough research on breeders. To my surprise, I found Husky Palace in my home state of South Carolina. They were reputable, knowledgeable and their longevity of being in business, or should I say, doing what they are so passionate about, was extremely impressive. The first time I communicated with Italy, she answered my questions quickly and factual with a great understanding of my needs and wants. As the process continued, she followed through in a timely manner and made sure I had all of the information I needed and requested. The weeks of waiting to go meet my puppy at 5 weeks old seemed like forever. I text Italy many times with questions and also requesting pictures and updates. She never seemed bothered or annoyed. Finally the day came when I met my precious little boy. Two weeks after our first meeting, he was able to come to his new home at 7 weeks old. Husky Palace breeds their dogs for temperament and I am here to say that this is truly the case. My dog, Balsam, is in training classes, goes to doggie daycare and is always around people and other animals. I get nothing but compliments on his personality, behavior, and features. Husky Palace made my experience truly incredible and I will forever be grateful to them. In fact, I communicate with Italy often letting her know Balsam’s new mile stones and sending her pictures and/or videos. They truly have a passion for their dogs and the puppies they are sending away to their new, furever homes!