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Doberman Palace’s Tobias weighs: 90 lbs

Doberman Palace’s Tobias height: 26 inches

European: Yes

Champion Bloodlines: Yes


Tobias Pedigree

Champion Information:

  • Doberman Palace’s Tobias Champion starts in the 3rd generation.
    • Dam side: starts in the 3rd generation with Tobias’s Great Grandfather Pierce Patrick Od Telpa. He is a Multi. CH.
      • Has 92 Champions throughout Tobias’ 7th Generations.
      • Consisting Champions, Multi. CH, and Int. CH.
    • Sire Side: starts in 8th Generation with Tobias’ 6x Great Grandfather Nitro del Rio Bianco. He is an International CH.
      • Has  21 Champions throughout Tobais’ 7th Generations.
      • Consisting Champions, Multi. CH, and Int. CH.
    • In total Tobias’ has about 113 Champions throughout 7 generations
  • Important Champions/bloodlines in Tobias’ pedigree
    • Kimbertal bloodlines
    • Altobello bloodlines
    • Pierce Patrick Od Telpa
    • Nitro del Rio Bianco

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Health Exams Certificates:

Health Exams Results:

vWD: Clear


  • Alert
  • Loyal
  • Confident
  • Affectionate
  • Joyful
  • Playful

Tobias’ Mother & Father

You can click on the mother and father’s photo to see more information about them.

Katniss (mother)

Cosmo (father)

See The Mothers!

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Q: Can you explain more about the fee of the AKC full registration (breeding rights)? When do I, the potential parent, need to tell you I want breeding rights?

A: For AKC full registration you will have to let us know before we shipped the pup or you picked up the pup. We will only charge you the original fee. If you are not 100% sure if you want to use your pup for breeding then you can wait. However, there will be a late fee, $200. The late fee is applied when you did not inform us before we shipped or you picked up the pup. Even if you decided the next day. Since we have to do more work to help you get AKC full registration. If you wait and you registered your pup then the original fee will be doubled and the late fee will be applied. We have to do much more work (more forms) to revoked AKC limited registration (pet only).

For example, let’s say the original fee* is $1,000. You decided a year later to use your pup for breeding and you registered him/her. Thus the AKC full registration will now be $2,000 + $200 = $1,400.

For the Siberian Huskies, the AKC full registration original fee is different for each litter.

For the Doberman Pinschers, the AKC Full registration original fee is different for each pup. However, none of our Doberman Pinschers will be AKC full registration for less than $2,000 (the original fee and the pup).

*the original fee can change. Thus whenever you informed us you want AKC full registration we will charge you the fee we are charging at the time.

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