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Tobias’ Info:

Weighs: 90 lbs

Height: 26 inches

European: Yes

Champion Bloodlines: Yes

Champion Information:

  • Doberman Palace’s Tobias Champion starts in the 3rd generation.

      • Dam side: starts in the 3rd generation with Tobias’s Great Grandfather Pierce Patrick Od Telpa. He is a Multi. CH.
        • Has 92 Champions throughout Tobias’ 7th Generations.
        • Consisting Champions, Multi. CH, and Int. CH.
      • Sire Side: starts in 8th Generation with Tobias’ 6x Great Grandfather Nitro del Rio Bianco. He is an International CH.
        • Has  21 Champions throughout Tobais’ 7th Generations.
        • Consisting Champions, Multi. CH, and Int. CH.
      • In total Tobias’ has about 113 Champions throughout 7 generations
  • Important Champions/bloodlines in Tobias’ pedigree

      • Kimbertal bloodlines
      • Altobello bloodlines
      • Pierce Patrick Od Telpa
      • Nitro del Rio Bianco
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Health Exams Results:

  • Thyroid: Normal

  • Elbow: Normal

  • vWD: Clear

  • Family Relatives (9 health exams):

      • Thyroid: 1 family relative with OFA Thyroid (normal).
      • Elbow: 2 family relatives with OFA Elbow (normal).
      • Hip: 3 family relatives with OFA Hip (excellent).
      • vWD: 1 family relative with OFA vWD (clear).
      • Cardio & DCM: 1 family relative with OFA Cardio (free/negative).
      • Wobbler Syndrom: 1 family relative with this exam (negative).


  • Alert

  • Loyal

  • Confident

  • Affectionate

  • Joyful

  • Playful

  • Friendly

  • Lively

More Info

  • House trained

  • Crate trained

  • Does not jump on people

  • Loves female dogs.

  • He is a sweetheart. I know Dobermans already are. But this one is super affectionate. He just wants to be on you 24/7. He LOVES plush toys. Especially the Motorcycle eagle from Bark. He is super gentle. A gentle giant. He will allow you to remove the toy from his mouth. He does not jump on people. When he runs, he can accidentally hit you on the side. Where he did not calculate enough space to run next to you. If he hits you and you say “ouch” he will look at you with regret in his eyes. Saying he is sorry. He might be gentle but he is a great watchdog. He will bark at anything or anyone near your property. Letting you know of the “danger”. However if you tell him “It’s okay”, he stops and continues with life.

Tobias’ Mother & Father

You can click on the mother and father’s photo to see more information about them.

Katniss (mother)

Cosmo (father)