Diesel – Gray Siberian Husky

  • Reason for Returning Diesel: “My family and I are having to change counties due to my husband’s drive time to his new job and we will have to rent a home where pets are not allowed.” – former family

  • Training: House trained, crate trained, does not jump on people. He nows “Go to bed”, Sit, and waits for his food “Go” is the release word”, shake, and speak. Usually only does speak if you hold your thumb and index finger over his head.

  • Does he get along with other dogs?: He gets along with all the dogs here. Which include other Huskies and a Lab.

  • Does he get along with cats?: The former family nor us, have cats. The former family did mention that he seems to not like them. Since a neighbor had some.

  • Does he get along with children?: “He loves Kiddos.” – Former family

  • What treats does he love?: Purina Brand treats

  • More Info? He does not like grooming around his sensitive area. He will need to be taken to a groomer for this. He never bit us. This will be a precaution. UPDATE: after some training, he does not mind me rubbing his belly. ❤️ Therefore grooming in this are is no longer an issue.


Here are photos of our  Gray Siberian Husky, Hampton.

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