• Weight: 53 lbs

  • Height: 21 inches

  • Color: Red/white

  • Color of Eyes: Blue & Brown (Parti-eye). Her right eye has a hint of brown at the bottom.

  • Type of Coat: Plush


I have the traditional Siberian Husky energy. I am a super sweet baby. I love to be loved on and give kisses. 💙 If you are sitting on the ground, I will sit on your lap. 😊 I also enjoy running around! You will see this in my video. I had the Zoomies. I am not a fan of playing in the water. I prefer to stay clean. I am affectionate, active, agile, friendly, joyful, outgoing, intelligent, playful, and lively.


  • Rosie’s OFA Exam: Excellent She passed her OFA HIP exams with flying colors! She received the highest rating a dog can receive for this test. This means she has no signs of hip dysplasia and her hips are perfectly positioned. :)

  • Within her bloodlines, we have found 4 other dogs with OFA exams. Below is the breakdown of those exams:

      • 1 family member with OFA Eye Exam (Normal;l no eye issues).
      • 4 family members with OFA Hip Exam (Fair & Good; no signs of hip dysplasia).
      • 2 family members with OFA Elbow Exams (Normal; no issues)


  • We have been breeding Rosie’s bloodlines since 2006. One of our favorite bloodlines!

  • Rosie is 5th generation of Husky Palace bloodlines.

  • Training: House trained, crate trained, to not jump on people, and “Sit”.

  • We bred her parents. She was born in Anderson, SC 29625,