The following are tips for you dogs and other pets to have a great fall season. The list was compile from our partner, Trupanion.

Canine Flu:

Caninie flu (kennel cough) and bordetella, are airbor diseases that tend to affect dogs. Some cats can also be affected. If you see a dog coughing, please keep your dog away from the ill dog. If your dog starts to show signs of high feer and coughing please contact your veterinarian.

No Candy For The Dog:

Keep the candy away from your dog and other pets. Since chocoalte and candy containing xylitol, gummies, and mint will make your pet sick. When you children is enjoying her candy, please make sure the dog is not near the child.  Given that, dogs can quickly snatch the candy away from the child’s hand. Please be careful.

According to Trupanion, chocolate-reated health issues can cost up to $1,200.

Keep Pests Out:

As the season changes, rats and mice will enter your house to seek a warm and dry shelter. You will need to be careful on how you keep these rodents out of your house. Since anti-rodent products are extremely toxic to pets. Therefore please discuss with your professional eterminator and verterinarian on the best plan to secure the safety of your pets.


Mushrooms tend to pop up during this season. Dogs being curious pets tend to sniff and most likely attempt to eat the mushroom. Mushrooms can pop up on trees, lawns, in fields, and on logs. Even though not all mushrooms are deadly, please keep an eye out for these. If you notice your dog ate a mushroom, contact your veterinarn immediately. Better safe than sorry.


We humans can have seasonal allergies. Dogs can also react to dust and pollen. We also share the same symptoms as dogs with allergies. The symptoms are as follow:

  • sneezing
  • runny noze
  • coughing
  • itchy skin
  • ear infection
  • itchy red or water eyes

If you believe your beloved Husky or Doberman might have a allergies, contact your veterinarian to discuess about testing and treamtment planes.

fall saftery tips - husky palace

According to Trupanion, allergy treatment is one of their most commonly claimed conditions.


I hope this blog post about pet saftey tips for the fall has helped you out. Keep an eye on your dog during this season change and have fun. As always, God bless and Go Tigers!

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