According to a survey conducted by OnePoll for Wag!, a dog-walking company, it states your dog does have a significant impact on your dating life.

The majority of dog owners state a potential partner must win over their fur-member before they fall for them, according to research.

This study examined the dating behaviors of 2,000 dog owners. 63% say their pup plays a huge role in their romantic relationship and determine how things will go.

In a matter of fact, half of the dog owners state they will be more physically attracted to someone when they get along with their furry friend. While 38% simply fall in love faster.

In the study, they also determine the 3 doggy dating red flags. Where 50% expressed jealousy over the attention I give my dog, 50% being too rough with my dog, and 45% not showing any interest in my dog were the top 3 red flags for dog owners.

Another doggy dating red flag includes ignoring the dog with 43%.

Additionally, dog owners rely on their dog’s reaction when it comes to love interest. 77% revealing they place a lot of importance on how their pet reacts to a potential partner.

What do you think about these results? Could your dog have this much impact on your romantic life?

Keywords: relationships, dog’s approval