After seeing several scammers we, Husky Palace, decided to make a list of puppy scams. This list will mostly contain Siberian Huskies, AKKs, and Doberman Pinschers, scammers. However, if you know any other scammers within these breeds or other breeds let us know and we will place them on the list.

A reputable breeder will always take the time to place their website/logo on their pictures of their puppies. This prevents scammers from using our pictures to scam innocent people.

The list will contain websites, phone numbers, email address, and names of scammers (most scammers won’t use their real name).

Siberian Husky’s Scam List:

Doberman Pinscher’s Scam List:

Every Breed:

These people “have” different breeds in which they sell.

  • Michael Wilburn
    • (443) 863-9551

Other Dog Breeds:

Use To Be Scammers:

Also, we have a pawtner that has a website for all puppies scammers they have found. Visit them!