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The following people are our Partners/Pawnters in which we recommend:


(800) 474-7044
Oder code: 10022

We, NuVet, have made it our mission to help our furry friends stay healthy for years to come. It is this passion for pets that drives us to produce the best nutritional supplement you can find.

NuVet® products are made in a FDA registered laboratory with natural, human-grade ingredients specially compounded to deliver the most effective nutritional health benefits. Utilizing the latest advances in medical and nutritional science, we apply state of the art manufacturing technologies to help us maintain a standard of product quality and integrity that is virtually unheard of in the pet industry.

It is our pledge to the millions of pets, and to their human families, to continually produce the most powerful nutritional supplements that support pets’ health and keep them that way for a lifetime.

Want to order some NuVet supplements? The order coder is 10022

Amazing Dog is a website that provides helpful information about your lovely, energetic pet. Here, you can find multiple articles with interesting knowledge about your companion, from health to amusement. Also, many best videos are gathered to make sure you enjoy your experience on the website.

We, Find Fraud Website, are dedicated to stopping scammers from puppies to jobs. We have lists of different scammers on our website where you can find additional information about each one of them.

You will be able to see puppy scammers that we, Husky Palace, have found by visiting our List of Puppies Scammers.

Petscams.com was created with the purpose of cataloguing the latest websites built by scammers. We aim to cause as much disruption to their activities as possible.
Petscams.com deal only with “paid for” domains like “.com”, “.net”, etc etc. Scammers can spend a considerable time and effort to create and publicize these websites. We find that many people do not know how or who to complain to in order to shut them down.

For this reason, we do not deal with Facebook pages or Craigslist adverts as there are already well documented methods of shutting down these pages.

You will be able to see puppy scammers that we, Husky Palace, have found by visiting our List of Puppies Scammers.