• We have been breeding these bloodlines for 16 years (since 2006). :)

  • All our pups can be AKC registered (pet only) and have an international prepaid microchip.

  • Date of Birth: October 14th, 2022…….Available Starting December 2nd, 2022.


Reputable Husky Breeders
  • Name: Lady Danielle (puppy #4)

  • Gender: Female

  • Color: Black/white

  • Color of Eyes: Blue

  • Type of Coat: Plush or Wooly

  • Adoption Fee: $1,900 $1,600 The adoption fee has been reduced due to the economy. This will be for a limited time only.

  • More Info: I LOVE the outdoors. I run, play with the leaves, play tag with my siblings, and roll around. Too much excitement! Sometimes I don’t know what to do. I will just lie down and enjoy the view. Life is great. :)

  • The remaining balance will need to be paid in cash at the time of pick-up. No exception. Read more about payments.

  • We can deliver the pup up to a 3-hour drive (one way) for an additional fee.

  • Shipping is an option. The puppy can fly by him/herself ($700 or $900) or we can fly with the puppy ($900+). This can be done starting December 9th, 2022.


  • Husky Palace Folder

  • Blanket (has the scent of mother, siblings, and us)

  • Puppy food sample (Hill’s Science Diet – Chicken & Barley Puppy)

  • Free 30 day Pet Insurance

  • Training to not jump on people

  • Working on house training and crate training

  • Puppy Informative Brochures

  • Lifetime Mentoring


  • Name: Lady Lauri (puppy #2)

  • Gender: Female

  • Color: Brown/white A.K.A Copper (Solid Brown)

  • Color of Eyes: TBD at 3 weeks old

  • Type of Coat: Plush or Wooly

  • **Temporary Reserved for Husky Palace. We might keep her. If you wish to be contacted if we are not going to keep her, please send me a text at (864) 518-0085. I will need your name, email, and phone number.**

  • Quick Description: I was the second born. :)

Black/white Husky Puppy
  • Name: Lord Fat Albert (puppy #1)

  • Gender: Male

  • Color: Black/white

  • Color of Eyes: Blue

  • Type of Coat: Plush or Wooly

  • Adoption Fee: $1,900

  • Quick Description: I was born at 10:48 pm. However, I gave my mother difficulty to bring me into this world. Since I am BIG for a newborn baby. I weighed over a pound. It took my mother 5 minutes to push me completely out. Hence, why the breeder, Italy, called me Fat Albert. Oh, I also was the first to be born. :)

  • **Reserved Wilson family from Charlotte, NC 28277**

How to Pick Up Your Puppy!

We always prefer for you to pick up your little ones in person, but we realize that is not always possible. Due to this, we will personally deliver Siberian husky puppies 3-hour distance from our house. We will deliver the Siberian husky pup(s) to your nearest gas station for a fee. However, the delivery cost must be paid before we drive the pup to the gas station.

The requirement to buy a puppy from us is having knowledge about the breed, fill out the questionnaire, and also read the pages under the Adopt tab of Before Buying a Puppy from us.

All we ask is for updated pictures throughout the lives of our puppies. Since we grow attached to each one and really get to know them on a very intimate level due to our nurturing practices.

Solid Black Husk
  • Name: Lady Doris (puppy #3)

  • Gender: Female

  • Color: Solid Black (the white spot on her forehead will disappear as she gets older).

  • Color of Eyes: Blue

  • Type of Coat: Plush

  • Quick Description: I am spoiled. I know how to get humans to carry me and give me a lot of kisses. I will sit behind the furniture and peek my head out. The human will believe I am sad or mad. They will pick me up and ask “what’s wrong”. I will answer with my tail wagging and kisses. Silly human. They fall for the trap every time. :) I was reserved but my future family had 2 life events happen. Which prevented them from adopting me. Therefore I am looking for my future family again.