My baby Axel

My Baby Axel

I got my baby Axel from them! He’s my little boy who is very loved

Andersen Family

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Our Puppy – Kylo

We got our puppy Kylo from husky palace about 9 months ago. Kylo is a big sweet heart and we alway gets compliments about how gentle and calm he is for his bread. He’s a healthy guy and hit 60 pounds on his first birthday! Husky palace went out of there way to send me a txt wishing him a happy birthday. They even like all his instagram photos that I post. It’s nice to know that they actually care to keep up with the pups they bread and that they actually care about the dogs not just the profit.

Randall Family

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Dakota & Simba

I bought a Siberian Husky puppy from them in 2006 named Dakota.Husky Palace made sure I got paired with the pup I was looking for. A not talkative, active, and loving Siberian Husky puppy. They informed me with some puppies that fit the description. I ended up choosing Dakota since he was a good looking fella. Dakota and I become great pals within the first few days with him at his new house. Husky Palace checked on us to see how we were doing (I think that was a kind and loving gesture). Months passed and I will send them photos and videos of the boy! He loves to hike and snowboard. 🙂 Years passed and we are still in contact with Husky Palace. I consider them as part of my family now. Then in 2011, Dakota was 5 years old, I wanted another dog. But I didn’t want another Siberian husky (not saying I do not love the breed). I grew up with Doberman Pinschers and wanted to add one to my family. However, before starting the hunt to look for reputable Doberman Pinscher breeders I contact Husky Palace and informed them that I am going to welcome another family member and that the new member was going to be a Doberman Pinscher. Guess what you guys!? They just started to breed Doberman Pinschers in 2010! I was so happy that the breeder of Dakota was also breeding Doberman Pinscher (only had two Dobermans for breeding). So same process as last time. I then soon got a Doberman Pinscher from them called Simba. So now I have Dakota, 11 years old, and Simba, 6 years old. They are both great pals! Even though Dakota is older but still loves playing with Simba and myself. 🙂 After all of these years, I have nothing but good reviews about Husky Palace/Doberman Palace. Always there before getting these two pups and after. They are always asking, “How are Dakota and Simba?” or “Any new updates?”. Additionally, I never had any health issues with neither of them. No fleas, worms, genetic problems, etc. My vet is always saying they are in great health (my veterinarian and a staff have brought pups from them). I am just glad I found them! God bless.

Murphy Family

Greensboro, NC
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What I Expected

After looking for several months I found Husky Palace. They delivered exactly what I expected. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a husky.

Bowen Family

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Husky Palace were quick to answer any questions  I had. THey were professional with my calls and helped me to navigate on their website (I am not good with internet . stuff). After talking to them and going through the process in getting one of their pups I go one! The boy was well mannered and is such a great addition to my family. I highly recommend getting a pup from Husky Palace.

Williams Family

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Wiley (Mark)

Loved my experience with these guys. Wiley(Mark) is the sweetest pup and you can tell he was loved in their care.

*Note from Husky Palace – they got another puppy from us named Koko*

Carter Family

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Great Breeders!

Great breeder of huskies. Caring small breeder. Well versed on Siberian Husky. We love our 10 week old Kevin

Creed Family

Charleston, SC
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Responsible Breeders

Responsible breeders are always nice to have. Keep up the good work

Navarro Family

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Puppies are beautiful

Puppies are beautiful. I purchased a female husky named Mattie and would recommend this breeder. Puppies are well socialized and very healthy A++++++

Gallo Family

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Amazingly Great!

Lam Family

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Truly Care

They truly care about each and every puppy. Our husky, Luke, has been such a joy and is super friendly and healthy. If you are looking for a husky and do your research like they require, then Husky Palace is the best option.

Mcjunkin Family

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Great family and great animal lovers!!!

I can’t say enough GREAT things about Husky Palace! My Juno has been spoiled rotten ever since. Their as official as it gets with certifications all packed into a neatly organized portfolio!

Super nice people and they always keep in touch to make sure their clients are 100% satisfied! 🙂

Barwick Family