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Truly Care

They truly care about each and every puppy. Our husky, Luke, has been such a joy and is super friendly and healthy. If you are looking for a husky and do your research like they require, then Husky Palace is the best option.

Mcjunkin Family

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Great family and great animal lovers!!!

I can’t say enough GREAT things about Husky Palace! My Juno has been spoiled rotten ever since. Their as official as it gets with certifications all packed into a neatly organized portfolio!

Super nice people and they always keep in touch to make sure their clients are 100% satisfied! 🙂

Barwick Family

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Sweet Siberian Husky

We purchased our sweet Siberian Husky, Leo on 9/17/16. Would recommend breeder as they were available for any questions we had before getting him. Very pleased! We love our Leo

Farley Family

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I bought from there site

I got a beautiful Husky name Mulan, we now call her Star. Very good breeder. Huskys a bit high but the guarantee they back up with your purchase it amazing. I recommend them!

Demetrius's Family

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Best Breeders Ever!

I love my pup so much!! Such a great and loving pup 🙂 They are always there to help me with anything and truly care about their pups. I highly recommend them 🙂

McClure's Family

Sanford, NC
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Husky Palace is phenomenal.

We adopted a Siberian husky he’s 7 months now. He is the most beautiful and loving pup. They raised him with love, you can tell how his temperament is. We got him at 4 Months of age still liked being cradled like he was bottle fed or a baby. We train him with love, patiences, and treats. He is very intelegent and smart. I’ve researched a lot of breeders. Husky Palce keeps to there word and are honest. They text me to see how my puppy is doing every now and then and are passionate of there babies (puppies). Husky Palace is the only place I trust for well breed puppies. I could never thank them enough for new family member.

Randall Family

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My Siberian Husky

Highly recommend this place if you want get find your best friend—cute puppy. I bought a 3-month male husky on October and the breeder shipped my kid from SC to MA 3days after I made full payment. The breeder is very kind and answer my questions professionally. Now my husky grows healthy. I wish I can post more pics of my cute puppy.

Siyu Family

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My Smart Puppy From HuskyPalace

Italy is such a sweet, caring, intelligent young lady. She helped us get matched with the perfect puppy for our family. She answered all our concerns and questions. 🙂 After having my questions answered, we got a pup from them. The puppy, Belle, is the smartest and sweetest pup ever. Italy told me that they work with their pups to be potty trained and let me tell you. Belle was potty trained; never had an accident. HuskyPalace really cares about their pups and we are still in touch with them.

John's Family

Nashville, TN
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Zeus 🙂

I have been looking for a pup for a while. Therefore, I contacted many breeders. Most of them didn’t answer my questions. Their service was terrible. On the other hand, Husky Palace took the time to talk to me and send me emails. I had my questions answered. After going through the steps to purchase my new family member we finally picked him up. His new name is Zeus. We are still in contact with them. They send us messages asking how he is doing. 🙂 They really do care about their pups.

Olivia's Family

Concord, NC
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Rosie stole my heart!

My husband & I decided we wanted an AKK; he fell in love with little Prince Manny, but I fell in love with little Rosie. We decided to get both! They are half brother and sister (we fixed them), and love each and and play like true siblings! They also have made the rest of our pack their own as well (Rosie especially loves her pitbull Zeus, and Manny likes to play with Winchester our cat). Having 2 puppies at the same time has been quite a handfull- but sooo worth it! They love and snuggles they give us Everytime we come home makes all the hours of training and money spent well worth it! Italy has been amazing in answering all my questions over the last year. These puppies were truly taken well care us and given plenty of affection prior to making us their new humans!

Gentile Family

Las Vegas, NV