Polar Bear – Wooly Siberian Huskies

  • Reason For Return: “We have two small babies now, and are starting a business. We simply don’t have the time to give to Polar Bear that we did before, and we want to make sure he has the best life with people who can give him lots of attention. .” – Former family

  • Commands & Training: “Sit”, “Stay”, “Place” “Come” (need more work on this). House trained.

  •  Does he get along with other doggies?: “very well. He plays with other dogs all the time.” – Former family. He plays with all the doggies here. He is a submissive baby.

  • Does he get along with children?: “yes. We have two small children. We’ve never had a problem .” – Former family

  • What toys and treats does he love?: “Good ‘n’ fun triple rolls, dog cookies, all balls, stuffed animals, nearly all toys”: Former family

  • Does he get along with cats?: The former family nor us, have cats. Therefore we are unsure how he will interact with one.

  • More info: He has less energy than a traditional Siberian Husky.


Here are photos of our Wooly Siberian Huskies (Husky) puppy, Mercury. You can see photos of him when he was a few days old to the most recent pics. We hope you guys enjoy these cute puppies pictures.

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