5 things to know before getting a puppy

Everyone knows getting a puppy is cute. However, what no one talks about is the lifetime commitment you are making. Having a puppy is a real challenge. It’s a challenge that will change your life.  Here are 5 things you should know before getting a puppy.

1.You Will Lose Sleep

When you get a new puppy it’s like getting a newborn. They will need to use the restroom frequently. You will have to take out the puppy every couple of hours. This will help your pup learn that you want her or him to use the restroom outside. You will still have accidents. So, if you have rugs in your living space I will recommend removing them until the puppy is house trained. 

The first night you will be up every couple of hours. You will need to set your alarm to wake up and take the Siberian Husky or Doberman Pinscher puppy outside. I will suggest taking turns with another family member. 

Soon the puppy will start to sleep through the night.

2. You Are Going To Be Outside A Lot

When you take your puppy outside to potty, the puppy will NOT go right away. The puppy will take its sweet time. Training takes patience. It can take from 2 minutes to half an hour. Are you ready to be outside this long in whatever weather? 

Additionally, you will take the puppies on a walk. More time outside. Rain or shine you will be outside.

3. Dogs Get Dirty

Some pups, especially Huskies, love to play in the mud. Once they see it, they are already in it. They will not only walk in the mud but also lay down in it and roll around in it. So once the pup enjoys its mud time you will have to take the puppy a bath. Majority of pups hate baths. So, good luck with that. 

Additionally, do NOT use human products on your puppy. Do NOT use human shampoo nor human blow dryer. If you want to blow dry your dog’s hair you must purchase a dog blow dryer. 

After giving him a bath you will have to brush him and trim his nails.

4. Puppies Are Babies

Puppies are really close to having children. Obviously, children are more work but puppies need attention. The Husky or Doberman puppy will let you know when she or he wants to play. They want your attention all the time. You need to share your time. You need to provide them with the attention they need. 

You will have puppy toys everywhere. Other Husky or Doberman supplies in the house. 

You will also take longer to leave the house. You will have to bring their bed and other supplies the cute puppy might need. Keep this in mind, you are taking care of another being. So, it will take extra time. Be aware of this. 

If you are a person who doesn’t like being late than you will have to give yourself extra time to be able to prepare everything. 

5. Puppies Are Expensive:

Not only do you have to pay for basic pet supplies, but you also have to pay for routine vet visits. This includes his puppy shots and dewormings. 

Now if your puppy gets sick or if your puppy breaks a bone, now that is where the expensive vet bills come to play.  Prescriptions and surgeries are not cheap. So think about getting puppy insurance (our Siberian Husky and Doberman Pinscher puppies will come with Free Pet Insurance for 30 days!). 

Do not forget if you want to get your puppy spayed or neutered and the puppy training classes.


I did not type this blog because I am against you getting a puppy. We love puppies. The reason I wrote this blog is to make you understand that a puppy is not 100% cute but requires a lot of knowledge about the breed and commitment. This is a lifetime commitment. Puppies are part of the family. 

So if you know someone who is getting a puppy or is thinking about getting a puppy share this blog with them. 

As always, God bless and Go Tigers!

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