During the Holiday season, there are few things you must keep in mind to keep your dog safe. Please ensure your dog is safe and enjoying the holiday as well. 

Christmas Tree:

Please ensure your tree is secure upright so your excited dog won’t knock it down. Additionally clean up the pine needles often and a tree fitting skirt to prevent your dog from drinking the tree’s water. Both of these can be harmful if consumed. 

Decorations for the Tree:

Tinsel, wrapping papers, ornaments, lights, ribbons, and bows can be dangerous for your dog. If they are consumed, broken, or chewed. These can lead to serious health problems Therefore keep these items out of reach.

holiday husky palace

Photo by Samuel Holt

Poisonous Plants:

Mistletoe and Poinsettias can get your dog very sick if he ingests any part of these plants. You will also want to keep this our of reach or opt for artificial planes instead. If you decided to keep the plants and you start to notice your dog is drooling, has diarrhea, and abdominal pain please call your veterinarian immediately.


This is another item you must keep out of the reach of your dog. The Siberian Husky and/or Doberman Pinscher can knock it over which can start a fire.  You might want to opt for electric candles instead. It’s the same thing, just without the fire risk.

holiday safety husky palace

Photo by Mariana B.

Fireworks for New Year:

During this day please keep your Husky and/or Doberman in a quiet room with TV or music playing to create white noise. Since all the cheers, fireworks, and popper can scare your dog.

Family and Friends Coming Over:

If your dog or puppy is not used to seeing a lot of unfamiliar faces and loud talking, we will suggest exercising your dog beforehand and give them a chew toy to keep them distracted.  If you see your dog our puppy still stressing out, please place her in a quiet room.

Snow Globes:

Snow Globes have antifreeze in them. Therefore you one break please keep your Siberian Husky and Doberman Pinscher away. This is extremely harmful to your pet. If your dog licks it, immediately take them to the emergency veterinary hospital.


Food is one of the main events during the holidays. Please keep your dog in her regular diet during the holidays. If you want to make her meal special as well you may add some healthy pet safe human food. Click here to learn what is safe and not safe for your dog.

Trupanion sees 2.5 times more chocolate toxicity claims in December than the rest of the year!


The holiday season should be fun and safe for everyone in the household. Therefore, please keep these tips in mind. As always God bless and Go Tigers! 


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Thank you Trupanion for these helpful tips!