Husky Palace does not offer ground shipping. The following are the reasons why we do not offer this method to pick up your new family member.

Traveling Everywhere:

The company you or the dog breeder decided to use, has other customers. These customers will be located throughout the states. Therefore your puppy will be visiting many states before he arrives to you. For instance, if you live in Virginia and getting your pup from South Carolina this will take you about 6 hours drive to arrive at our doorstep. If you hire a ground shipper, this will take 12 hours to 24 hours. Do you really want your puppy to spend double or even triple the amount of time in the back of a van if this can be avoided? We won’t allow this to happen to one of our babies.

ground shipping husky palace

Photo by Jamie Street

The Spread of Diseases:

To this day, ground shippers do not require the animal to be checked from the vet to ensure he is healthy. Therefore any animals, healthy and sick, will be in the back of the van. Healthy pups can become sick due to unhealthy animals. This type of transportation has an increasing rate of spreading diseases. Do not forget about fleas and ticks! 

On the other hand, the shipping option is strict on who they allow boarding the airplane. The puppy has to have a health certificate stating he is healthy. Additionally, the airlines do not allow mix breed or “aggressive” dogs on the plane. The “aggressive” dogs include any type of Pitbulls and some type of bulldogs.

Packages to Animals:

The company will deliver regular mail packages to live animals. The live animals will be cats, dogs, birds, and so on. How do we know the cat won’t attack another animal. Or the dog will attack another animal. They are all close together. Stacked upon each other.

When we deliver a puppy they will be in the passenger seat with a seatbelt or in the back with a seatbelt or in a travel crate. It depends on what we believe will be best for the puppy.

Same Amount:

You might believe hiring a company to deliver your puppy might be cheaper than our delivery option. The case is not true. We end up charging the same. So why pay a company who will drive your new puppy for an extensive amount of time? When your breeder who will deliver the puppy in the least amount of time.


There are too many “what ifs” with this method of picking up your puppy. Therefore we have decided to not use this method. We will be more than happy to deliver the puppy. Check out the delivery option here.

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