This post is to learn more about what all breeders do. I have compiled the 5 things all dog breeders do for you to better understand the basics of finding a new family member with a dog breeder.

1) Full Amount Must Be Paid:

All dog breeders require the full amount to be paid before you can take the puppy home. Additionally, many breeders will have a deadline you must pay for everything. If the full amount is not paid by the specific date, the puppy will be up for sale/adoption.

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2) Non-Refundable Processing Fee:

Part of the adoption fee is the processing fee. The processing fee is always non-refundable. Some breeders can call this the deposit or holding fee. The processing fee can be from $100 to $400. You will need to ask the dog breeder how much the processing fee is. This tends to depend on how much the puppy is.

3) AKC Registration Papers:

If the breeder states their pups come with AKC registration papers, then they will provide you with the registration form. Where if you want to register your puppy you can. There will be a fee. This fee is not associated with the breeder. This is paid to AKC. No breeder will cover this cost.

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4) 5% fee:

If you are going to pay the full amount via credit/debit card, the dog breeder will charge you a 5% fee. Since the credit card processing party, we use to accept payments online charges us an eCommerce transaction. Most breeders will waive the 5% for the non-refundable processing fee. You will need to ask the breeder if you need to pay the 5% fee for the processing fee.

5) 1st Pick of An Upcoming Litter:

All breeders have a list where you can be among the 1st to pick from the litter. This list can also be called the waiting list. To be on this list you will need to pay the processing fee. 

Once the upcoming litter arrives you will need to inform the breeder which puppy you want your processing fee to go towards. This must be done the day the dog breeder sends you photos of the pups. This tends to be the day they are born up to 3 days old. No dog breeder will allow you to pick the pup you want to reserve once they are 7 weeks old. Therefore you are picking the puppy solely on gender, markings, and color. 

For the Siberian Huskies, you are not picking on the type of coat, eye color, nor temperament. Therefore you will need to inform the breeder exactly what you are looking for. So the Siberian Husky breeder may inform you which parents will give you the puppy you are looking for. 

The same goes for the Doberman Pinscher breed. You are not picking based on temperament. Once again, you will need to ask the Doberman Pinscher breeder what type of Doberman you are looking for.

6) Reserving a Puppy For You:

Dog breeders will only reserve you a puppy, once you have placed the processing fee, Breeders will not reserve the puppy if make an appointment to come see the Husky or Doberman puppy. You are simply making an appointment to see the puppy. If you do want to add the puppy to your family, then you may proceed to pay the full amount in cash only. Breeders will inform you if the puppy gets reserved or adopted before your appointment.

Once you reserved the puppy, you may schedule an appointment. You may wait until the available date gets closer or do so right away when you reserve the puppy. It’s better off if you schedule the appointment right away. Since once the date gets closer, other families have already booked slots. Therefore I might not be available on the day or/and time you want to come.


I hope this 6 things help you better understand the basics of obtaining a puppy from a dog breeder.

As always, God bless and Go Tigers!

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