Many families always ask us how to introduce their new Siberian Husky/Doberman Pinscher puppy to their new family. One must slowly introduce them to their new home. The following are the steps to do so.

1) Driving Home:

I recommend having a family member tag along. So they may hold the new family addition. Do not place the puppy in a crate. Most pups do not like the crate. Which will cause more stress if placed in one immediately after meeting you. If no one was able to come with you to pick up the new family member, purchase a seatbelt and a dog cover for your back seats. Where they can have limited space in the back.

2) Arriving Home:

new puppy

Michaela, our new solid black Siberian Husky

If you have other dogs or/and puppies, please put them away. Allow the new puppy to roam around and sniff everything out. Once he/she is comfortable with the house and all the humans who live in the household you may introduce the other fur-members. Remember, other family members must sit on the floor and allow the him/her to come up to them.

3) Other Family Members:

Hold the dog if you know your current dog will be happy to see the new family member. Let the new puppy come up to him/her.

If your dog is cautious, allow both of them to roam free in the same space. They both will slowly introduce themselves on their own time.

new puppy

Azula, our new Agouti Siberian Husky

4) Family and Friends:

Once the new Siberian Husky or Doberman Pinscher puppy is comfortable with the house, the humans in the house, and all the other pets, you may have friends and family members over. Allow families and friends to visit your place. Since the puppy is comfortable with the house. If you take the pup to your friend or family’s house, they will be scared. Once they come over, they must allow the puppy to come to them.

Why is taking it slow in introducing my new dog/puppy to my family important?

It takes time for a new puppy/dog to adjust to their new family. If one does not follow these steps, their pup/dog can be a nervous doggie. Where they will not like to meet new people or other dogs.  This can be shown in two ways.

  1. When meeting new people or dogs, they can urinate, hide, or shake.
  2. When meeting new people or dogs, they will growl or snap.

Neither of these will be something you will want. You will need to contact a trainer to help you with training your nervous doggie.

Therefore give the new family additional time to adjust. Especially if you bought/adopted an adult dog. They need more time to adjust. Puppies are more resilient.

Husky Palace Introducing New Family Members

As you guys have noticed on our Instagram, @huskypalace, we are welcoming new puppies to the Husky Palace pack. The reason is that in a year to two, some of our adults are going to retire. Therefore we need to start welcoming new puppies. We follow these steps. Typically only one of us can go pick up the Siberian Husky pup. So, the puppy is in the back with the dog cover and a seatbelt. The seatbelt is extended so he/she can walk around, but still be safe. 

Once at home, we lock up the dogs. Once we are ready to proceed to step 3, we let out the calm dogs. Both, the dog and the puppy will slowly introduce each other. Once they are comfortable I let out the more active dogs. Where I will hold the active dog and allow the puppy to come up to the dog. This helps them know they are safe in their new home and we will go on their speed. 

Once the new puppy is comfortable in the new home, humans, and other pets, we start to introduce them to families who come and pick up their puppy. 


Once the families have done these 4 steps, you may take him/her out. The puppy will be used to the attention and be more confident.

As always, God bless and Go Tigers!

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