If you are looking for a purebred puppy, you will most likely start looking for breeders. Once you find the breeder you need to evaluate them to determine if they are a reputable breeder. Since one should support reputable breeders. If everyone only supports these breeders, then we will weed out the puppy mills/commercial breeders. The breeder must require a questionnaire before allowing you to adopt their puppy.

Why Is This A Must?

If a breeder does not have one, then the only requirement for a family to obtain one of their pups is having the money. That is all.

They do not care if you:

questionnaire - Husky Palace

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters

  • Have done extensive research on the breed

  • Had a Siberian Husky/Doberman Pinscher puppy before (or the breed you are acquiring about)

  • Live in a household or apartment

  • Where the puppy will sleep

  • If you plan to breed the puppy

  • If you have children

  • If your future or current children know or will be taught to properly handle and care for the puppy

  • How you plan to socialize the puppy

  • If you have other dogs or pets

As stated, before they only care about the money. They do not ensure their pups are going to forever homes.

How Does the Questionnaire Determine If A Family Is Approved Or Not?

We do have a list of things that if the potential family has, they will not be approved to obtain one of our pups. For us, Husky/Doberman Palace, we look at the questionnaire as a whole. Not as individual questions. 

For example, some families believe if they live in an apartment they will not be approved. This is not always the case. As stated, before we look at the questionnaire as a whole. We will ask follow up questions in regards to the living in the apartment. For instance, have you asked your landlord if you can have a Siberian Husky/Doberman Pinscher puppy? Since some apartments have a weight or/and breed restrictions.

How Many Families Did Husky/Doberman Palace Not Approve in 2019?

Last year, 2019, we disapproved 43 families. This is only counting the families that filled out the questionnaire. I have families who I already knew they would not be approved due to the phone call/texts/emails. Where I will inform them of the reason(s). Since I do not want to waste their time to fill out our questionnaire. 


We want to ensure our puppies are going to loving and forever homes. Our approval rate is 75%.

As always Go Tigers & God bless!

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