You have come to the conclusion you want to be a dog breeder. But have you really thought about it? The following are things you must think about before deciding on becoming a reputable breeder.

1) Do You Have The Money?:


If you want basic kennels, this will be at least $15,000.
If you want an advance kennel (more like a house), this will be at least $50,000.

Clearly you can start at the basic kennels and slowly build the advance kennel, but it will cost you more.

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Photo by Nathalie


You need to buy puppies or dogs. If you are trying to be a reputable breeder, then this will not be cheap. There will be a few occasions where you will find a quality dog/puppy for a cheap price. However, the majority of the time this will cost a lot of money. Especially since breeders who offer Full registration ask for a fee. The Full AKC registration fee can be from $200 to double the price of the puppy. 

After you get the puppies/dogs, you must wait until they are old enough to be bred.

This is only the money we spent on the dogs. This does include the bills. groceries, and other stuff we might need to buy for us.

2) Do You Have The Time?:

You can not have another job. If you plan to breed more than 5 dogs, you can not have another job. Breeding dogs is a 24/7 job. Where you will lose sleep.

Dog’s Schedule:

If you want to be a reputable breeder you will no longer be on your schedule. You are on your dog’s schedule. If one of your females is giving birth, you have to throw your plans out the window.

If one of your pups is not eating by him/herself, you must bottle feed him/her every 3 hours. This will hinder the process of your work.


You need to see when you will not have litters. Then proceed to have a caretaker (for us, it’s a family member who used to help us with breeding). Therefore you might not go on a vacation in the typical holiday/vacation times. 

The last time we went on a vacation was in September. We want to go to New York for the ball drop. But we have to wait until we do not have puppies during this time. Still waiting. :) 2021, please?

Typically during the holidays, we stay at home. We are unable to visit the family for the holidays, marriages, and birthdays. Since the dogs are first.

3) Knowledge of The Breed?:

Have you had the dog breed you want to breed? If yes, then you are halfway there. You need to learn how to properly breed dogs. This is not easy and you must learn about this, or your mother and/or pups will suffer the consequences. 

If the answer is no, you need to educate yourself first. You need to learn about the breed. What health problems do they tend to have? How much exercise do they need? Do they shed a lot? Constant grooming? So many questions need to be answered. You must be an expert in the breed.


Anyone can breed a dog. However, not anyone can be a reputable breeder. Please make sure you are making the right decision. The dogs will suffer if you do not take the time to become a dog breeder.

As always, God bless and Go Tigers!

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