There are a handful of families throughout a year who believe once they inform the breeder they are interested in a specific puppy, the breeder will reserve the puppy. This is not the case. A dog breeder will only reserve a puppy for a family once the family places the processing fee.

Other families believe the breeder will not offer the puppy to another family once their family has filled out the questionnaire. This is also not the case. I have times where I have 3 families or more interested in the same puppy. All families will fill out the questionnaire. Where I will start reviewing the questionnaires in order as I received them. However, there are times a family delays to answer my additional questions. Therefore they open a spot for other families to be approved first. A breeder can not wait for the response. Husky Palace has tried to wait for families’ responses. The family decides it’s not best to obtain a puppy at the moment due to different reasons. This is where Husky Palace and other breeders can lose all the potential parents interested in the puppy, since they took the time to wait for the first family response. This is why throughout the years, breeders have gone to the “First come and first serve” policy. Once a family has been approved they can proceed to reserve the puppy.

Therefore if you are interested in a puppy, fill out the questionnaire and respond as quickly as possible. Once approved, you may proceed to reserve the puppy or schedule an appointment (puppy must be 7-weeks old). If for any reason(s), you want to wait to see the puppy first, you are risking the chance for the puppy to be reserved by another family. Thus, do not become irritated with the breeder if this happens. This is your choice. This blog is for families to better understand how breeders work.


I hope this blog helps you understand how a breeder proceeds potential families for their puppies.

As always, God bless and Go Tigers!

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