Lately, parents of our puppies have asked us if we have any summer tips. So we decided to compile a list of summer tips for puppies. Having simple safety tips can ensure your Siberian Husky or Doberman Pinscher puppy to have a carefree summer. 

Summer Celebrations

This is mainly for the 4th of July celebration. Many of us love the fireworks on this day. However, the pops and cracks of a firework can be stressful for our pets. To help your dog during this time close windows and doors and create white noise (TV or a fan). Always have your dog indoors if during this day. Since a lot of dogs get lost this day.

Mosquitoes, Fleas, and Ticks!

The puppy owner should always keep their husky or doberman puppy up to date with the flea and tick treatments and heartworm prevention medication. However, one should be cautious during this time. There are a lot of options, so ask your breeder and veterinarian which is best for your puppy.

Sidewalks are TOO Hot!

The sidewalks can be too hot to trot. To determine if the sidewalk is hot simply press your hand on the surface for 7 seconds. If you are able to do this without any pain than you puppy is safe to walk. If not, than do not expect your puppy to be able to do so without being in pain. 

Still want to take your pup out on walks during the summer time? You still can. Simply switch your walking routine. Take out your pup for a walk in the cooler morning or evening hours. Or can stick to grass.

Hrydrate or Die-drate

We always need water, so why not your dog? Alwasy bring plenty of freash, clean water for you and your puppy/dog. 

Do not allow your dog to drink water from the ocean, lake, streams, and puddles. Since these water sources will have high amount of salt and mircoscopic parasites which will make your husky or doberman sick.

Keeping them Cool

If you are going to be outside for an extensive period of time, make sure your puppy has plenty of shade to rest. 

Does your dog like the water? Give them a kiddie pool or a sprinkler. This will help tremendsouly to cool down.

Enjoy Your Summer!

If you are deciding to go out with your dog remeber these simple tips. You and your furmember will be happy you remember the tips. 

Have a bless day and Go Tigers!

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